Armada on the 10th


Having played (and lost a lot) in the Corellian conflict I’m looking to brush up on my skills as an admiral…
Any takers for a game of SW armada on the 10th of May?


Hi Josh,

I’m looking to run a couple of variations on my Mothma MC30 fleet for pre-tournament prep if you’re okay playing against that? It’s high activation/ minimal squadrons.


That sounds good to me!
I’m a rebel player too, so will hopefully be able to pick up some flying tips.
I’m assuming 400pts standard?


Aye, 400 pts standard is good. I’ve got a space mat for us to play on as well. Should be there for 1830!


Awesome, see you then!


How do Josh, still good for Armada this Weds (24th)?

Happy to lend anything you need for lists.


I am indeed should be there from just after 6, and Thanks!


See ya then!