Artists and part time voice actors wanted


Out of interest and just on the off chance…

For the past year or so I’ve been co creating an audio drama series called Sedisverse (latest video here)

We’ve been trying for ages to get some decent artwork to showcase on the episodes - be they storyboards, sketches or more general art pieces.
Almost every artist we’ve contacted has been very keen and then faded off the face of the earth before anything actually got done, so we’ve only actually got 3-4 good art pieces to our name.

The show itself is 3 separate story arcs blending folklore, science fiction and superheroes into a near future Britain - so there should be plenty of scope for interesting artwork there.

What we’re after is someone who could help out with providing artwork for the ongoing project.

On a similar note, the audio drama itself has a fairly consistent need for people to lend voices to bit parts and minor characters - and as skilled as some of our existing team are, there are only so many voices they can pull off without it being noticeable :wink: If anyone has a modicum of acting ability, a microphone of half decent quality and is happy to do lines now and again then do let me know. Eventually there will be more major character roles cropping up and those could well be up for grabs if anyone is up for it?

So is anyone an aspiring artist with time on their hands? Or a wannabe voice over actor/actress?

Oh and ruthless plug here;

Sedisverse Chapter One playlist


OK I’m interested in doing some voice work n might be able to rope in the Mrs. Msg me at let me know details


Ah awesome! We’re especially starved for female voice actresses so any help there is always welcome!


Oh my Mrs has done alot of public speaking, singing n phone jobs n would also love to try out.


Happy to have a go at sketching, but I am not very good.


You can’t be any worse than us Dave! Would you like some villains to sketch or some heroes?




I’ll bring some basic descriptions along for you weds :slight_smile:


your giving sketching to dave you know any females now are going to be scantily clad and have big boobs from now on if you let him do that lol