Babylon 5 Wars Campaign resources


Mostly this is one for Santa as he was asking recently!

I mentioned before that there was indeed 2 different games for Babylon 5 that happen to conveniently enough use the same counters. Dan has several of the counters somewhere, and I believe a surprising number of Club players have got B5 models sequestered around the place.

However, I did come across this little gem in my travels;

Aside from having the entire rule set for the now very out of print Babylon 5 wars game, it also includes at the bottom of this page a separate tab with downloadable Ship counters. These aren’t the original counters, but they’re a close enough match and they will work perfectly for the streamlined updated version of the game (A Call to Arms).

These are free to download and as neither game is in print (nor has been for years) I can’t see there being any ethical problems with using them

Perhaps once the current blood bowl campaign is done, then we can look at potentially having a B5 campaign using the Call to Arms rule set?


Sound’s good to me


I’d be interested in playing


Any factions in particular? Dave I presume will go for Minbari or White Star Fleet :slight_smile:


Bagsy Shadows! :slight_smile:


prob isa with a minbari element


I don’t have any stuff but I’d be interested in playing either Earth Alliance or Vorlons


I’d suggest avoiding the Older races for the campaign as they are not all that easy to use and quite unforgiving. Plus it means we can use them as Allies that you ‘earn’ :wink:


Cool I’ll go with earth then unless anyone else, whonactually owns them wants to play them :slight_smile:


I dont mind multiples of the same faction :slight_smile: Earth Civil war after all :wink:

For that matter Dave’s ISA are technically outside of the time period most factions are - as are my Dilgar - , but we’ll let that slide cos they’re cool :wink:

Speaking of which - which time period EA would you like? Early (Dilgar/Minbari wars) Mid (b5 era) or late (Crusade era)?

For the record, i think its only really the EA who have multiple timeline optional lists.

Actually - for sake of clarity here is the full list of options;

Early EA

Gaim (L)
Pak ma ra (L)
Drazi (L)
Hyach (L)
Vree (L)
Brakiri (L)
Abbai (L)
League of Nonaligned worlds (Collective force of any faction marked with an (L))
Raiders (not recommended for beginners)
Psi Corps (not recommended for beginners)

Late EA

Technically there are also the Shadows and Vorlons, but again they are advanced factions with some glaring weaknesses so can be difficult to use effectively.


Let’s go mid era :slight_smile:


Found another website with a plethora of (mostly star trek) 3d printed models.

The… ethics of this particular site aren’t great, but the B5 models are completely out of print run so I’m happier to link these in

The fact they do fighters and fleet deals is pretty good to be fair.

Also for Star Trek Ascendancy scale models;

Better quality options at the scale used by the original game makers can be found here;

The nice thing with the B5 systems is that neither version cares about the scale of the models - only the position of the bases. So any scale is fine to use in theory.


Okay then. As you advise no Ancients, I’ll go Centauri Empire :slight_smile: