BB game on Wednesday 24th


Does anyone fancy a game of BB on Wednesday?
Either a Cross Division Friendly against someone in the League division 1 or a standalone game


I don’t have anything arranged for this week and wouldn’t say no to a game of Blood Bowl. Can do a friendly but think I would prefer a stand alone so I can try out a different team.


Stand alone is fine, unless you have some MNG’s you want to clear :stuck_out_tongue:
What points do you want, and are we having any skills?


I’m not too bothered about clearing my MNG’s - happy for Journeymen to get pounded into the turf by Ogres in my next game :grin:

Happy to just play the standard 1mil starting teams and nothing extra. If you want to induce star players or anything else as part of your team that would also be fine. Apart from the league games I’ve only played one other game of the latest edition, which was my Humans against your Dwarfs, so I just want to try out a different team to see how the playstyle has changed.


Fine, 1 Mil it is then, what will you bring, and what do you fancy facing? Apart from the Dorfs, I can offer DElves (but that’s possibly not optimal as you are using them) or Lizards easily.


I’m thinking Orcs or Black Orcs for myself, don’t mind what I face. Won’t be using Dark Elves as have been using them in the league and want to try something else.