Beginner game



I’m new to 40k and stumbled across this page whilst looking for other players. I don’t want to bother advanced players with inane beginner shenanigans, but would anyone be up for showing me the ropes? I have played a couple of practice games but have yet to play against anyone who doesn’t work at GW (and was kind enough to let me win). If you’re patient enough, please give me a shout!


Welcome to the forum!

There’s a Welcome Page that shows where we are.

First night is free and then £2 per night thereafter (£1 if you don’t play).

People should be there from about 6.

I’m afraid I don’t play 40k so hopefully someone while pipe up shortly for a game or you could always just rock up and spectate.


I would offer you a game but iv already got one arranged
And im a bit competitive and have yet to find the off switch
But with my profile pic at your topic heading on display someone will now prob swoop in to come save you from me lol



I’ll be along at around 8-8:30 doing a delivery run for Kirton, was going to see if anyone wanted to play Shadespire but I could bring along some Guard instead for a small game? Do you have an army at present?



Thanks! Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it to the one tomorrow, but will be free next week. I have up to about 2000 points of Death Guard.