Black Seas


Just posting here for when the club opens later this year.
Bought Warlord Games Black Seas (18th/19th Century naval conflict) during lockdown and hopefully will have the Royal Navy ready to fly the flag by the time we reopen!
If anyone else is collecting/interested let me know and hopefully by the Summer we can get a game on the table?


Hi Fred,

My gaming spending has been heavily reined in :face_with_head_bandage:

… but assuming there is a pirate faction, this sounds like something I should be partaking in!



Hi Dopey
There isn’t a dedicated Pirate faction yet, however there is loads of scope to take an existing faction and use them as pirates.
The models themselves are generic until you get to some of the larger ships of the line and even then there is plenty of opportunity to convert those models to Pirate ships.
Be happy to go through it with you when all the restrictions end?
Affordability wise, the fleets are reasonable and I have a number of the core ships I will be unlikely to use that I could let you have at a munched knock down price?