Blackstone fortress campaign


Hey guys planning on running a BSF campaign
I’m going to run another one off game for those that want a taste of it before kicking off a full campaign.
It would be ideal if we can get a solid group of 4-5 players (5th plays the bad guys so could be played by anyone or many people for the irregular player) running every other week


Count me in!


I’d be up for this Dave


Got the game but not had a chance to play it yet so definitely interested.


So who’s up for doing this this Wednesday


I could, I don’t have anything on this week yet.


Well that’s 4 I’ve already spoken to Jim and Scotty


We going back into the Fortress this week?


Yup! (That’s the plan, anyway) - not sure if Jim’ll be back actually, he was really ill last week.


Yup as long as I don’t get put on a shitty round tomorrow IL find out by lunch time


It’s on like donkey Kong (unless someone phones in sick)


Well we’ve gone from one end of the scale to the other I’m at club now it’s 5pm


Cheers for covering for me last night, lads - I completely goofed!


Hi Guys,

I haven’t been well for the last few days so not sure I will be able to make it to club tonight. If you are ready to go you might want to start without me and someone else can control my character if needed.



I’ll take him it worked out for Scotty last time lol


Hi Dave,

Just double checking we are still on for this tomorrow - don’t forget to bring your stuff this time! :wink:


Yup and it’s by my bag waiting


I’ve had another look at the rules and UR-025 shouldn’t actually have been taken out of action when he was. Apparently when your wound track is full you can still carry on, but you have to rely on Destiny dice to do anything. It’s when you take the next wound after that you are taken out of action.

Also I read through The Dreaded Ambull expansion. It’s actually a campaign on it’s own and not an additional stronghold, so it will be at least 2-3 games worth to play it through. It has its own unique Discovery deck as you have to find Ambull Spoor to do the Lair of the Beast mission rather than Clue cards.


That works for me


Just checking were still on track for playing the expansion next Wednesday also did you want to bring your copy of BSF so we don’t get bits mixed up