Blackstone fortress campaign


I’m on board for that :+1:


Yep, I’m available next Wednesday. I’m assuming you are referring to me when you talk about bringing another copy of the game. Fortunately I’ve almost finished putting my copy of the game together so it should be ready for this week.

One thing we will need is details of what equipment each character has (assuming we are planning to use the same ones and not start again from scratch). Therefore you’ll still need to bring your copy Dave so we can check what everyone has in their stasis chambers. Alternatively if you can let me know what everyone has by Sunday I can sort out the cards in my own copy.

Also, we need to resolve Precipice before we use the characters again as we didn’t have time after the last game.


Oh ye scratch that then I’ll just bring mine


Well I finished assembling my set so I may bring it anyway, but we should only need the Ambull content.

Was reading through the books again today and noticed a few bits we’d missed earlier:

  1. No explorer can use more than 2 Destiny dice per turn (so no charging off for me or Dave!)
  2. No explorer can have more than 10 cards in their stasis chamber, so archeotech will need to be either spent or discarded if you have too much. It also puts a limit on the number of additional equipment cards you can buy.

Finally, when looking at the FAQ’s the other day I noticed there was one for Blackstone Fortress. It’s called Designers’ Commentary rather than FAQ but does answer some questions. See attached file:

blackstone-fortress-designers-commentary-en-1.pdf (867.1 KB)


Oh cool, nice find Jon :+1:


Good rules clarifications. I’m up for playing tonight :slight_smile:


Cool if you guys wanna get set up I’m probably going to be late again 7ish


OK, so we rushed through Precipice the other night but there are a few modifications The Dreaded Ambull campaign makes that we need to take into account:

  1. You don’t do the legacy step as there are no time constraints (so we can take the Obsideus Mallex card back out).
  2. You can convert Ambull Spoor cards to Ambull Spoor counters. This means that they can no longer be spent as Archeotech, but has the upside that they no longer count against the Stasis chamber card limit. Also, according to the rules it’s counters you need to discard rather than cards if you want to do the Lair of the Beast.

The other thing you need to do the Lair of the Beast is an Ambull Trail counter. To get these you have to complete a specific combat involving the Ambull which we didn’t do last time, so hopefully the card will come up next time.

I still can’t find any reference to Sett VII bio-containment facility being completed.

Since Janus Draik wasn’t involved last time, if I can’t take part in the next session I don’t mind bringing in the set for you to carry on without me if I’m busy playing Blood Bowl.


Hi guys, I have arranged my Blood Bowl game against Kev for this week so let me know if you are still planning to continue the Ambull quest and I will bring in my set for you to use.

Also, I won’t be at club 29th May or 5th June so we may have to postpone the following game for a couple of weeks.


Whadya reckon guys? Have another crack at it this week, and then have the showdown with the big beastie when Jon’s back, or leave it altogether for a few weeks and wait for Jon to continue?


I say wait for Mr clack I need to get in some titanicus games before the event at kirton


Cool, sounds good to me. We’ll hang fire 'till we can get the team all together :+1:


Thanks guys. It will either be the 12th or the 19th June depending on when Dave O wants to play our next Blood Bowl match. I’ll let you know as soon as possible which week it is.


Happy to wait for Jonathan to be available. Dave do you have a Titanicus game lined up?


Hi Guys, I’m playing my Blood Bowl game against Dave O on the 12th now so we can get back to the Fortress on the 19th June if that’s OK with everyone.


Sounds good


Just checking if we are still planning to do Blackstone Fortress this week. Jim said he isn’t going to be around this week but we can carry on without him if everyone else is there.


Sounds good to me


Yeah it’s my leaving do at work on Wednesday so can’t make it. Will be back to the club the following week.


Sorry you can’t make it, Jim. I’m still up for Wed, though, if everyone else is still free?