Blood bowl good starting point?


Hello if i were to have a crack at blood bowl what would be the best starting point for me…the boxed game is £55(i see you get orks in this set) or is it worth just buying the new gouged eye orks £18(or maybe get orks,those 4 goblins and star player for £36 all in,as a starting point?



You’ll need the starter box set as it contains all the templates you need to play as well as the pitch (a must have), dugouts etc. You also get the block dice in there which you need to play the game.

The orc team is the same as the one you get in the starter box though the gobbos might also be worth getting and if you want extra players, such as more Black rocs it might be worth buying the Orc team as well.


If you just want to try it out then don’t spend anything yet and arrange some friendlies with a borrowed team.

Once you decide to invest the only thing you really need to play at the club is a team, as there are boards, dice etc. in the cupboard. I imagine that you’d want you own copies sooner or later though and then the GW box set has you pretty much covered. There’s an old post on BoardGameGeek here where someone lists out the things you need to play Blood Bowl and where you can get them other than GW (it’s quite a militant anti-GW post). I’m not sure if it would all come in at under £55 though.

I would point out though that the Orks in the GW box set don’t have the right number of some miniatures to make the most competiitve team so you’d be at a disadvantage until you could buy at least two more Blitzers and two more Black Ork Blockers.


I agree with Tom that its probably best if you arrange a game and borrow a team first. There are probably around 10 players at the club that would be happy to give you a game and help you learn the rules.:slight_smile:

The basic Orc team you get in the game isn’t fully-optimised for competitive play, but is absolutely fine if paired against the starting Human team and several other ‘basic’ set-ups. An Orc v Human game using the teams in the box is ideal for learning the rules.

If you are sold on the game after that and still like Orcs then the boxed game is an easy starting point to get most of what you need.


Awsome thanks for the tips guys ill be round tomorrow so will probably be picking your brains about it😃


I’m along tomorrow and could bring along an Orc team for you to try out against me in a ‘learner’ game if you fancy?


Yeah ok that would be awsome