Blood Bowl on the 27th


Hiya, I am Tom. I came down for the first time tonight (13th June) and my Dwarves and I would love to join the League. They are the Karak Uzkul Dron Duraz!

Blood Bowl Perpetual Premier League

Hi Tom,
Good to meet you tonight. I’ll have a word with Dopey if he doesn’t see this and we can get you added to the RBBL site.


Apologies all, I feel off the Earth last week.

PM sent to @KuniLeman with login details.



I’ll give you a game with the Bunbury Bloodbowl Club on Wednesday if you like. Just let me know when you’ve added your Lawn Ornaments :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi Dopey,

The password and username you sent are you working sadly.


Sent you a PM with a new password :slight_smile:


So my team is up. Who would like a game on the 27th?


Are we still on for a game tomorrow? If so, do you want to schedule it or should I.


I cannot do tomorrow. I will schedule one for next Wednesday (the 27th). If that is not cool just unschedule it.


Okay, cool I must have misunderstood. 27th is fine.


Apologies, if I was too clear. I am having a great deal of difficulties working out how to use the Blood Bowl site. I cannot get the name of my players to be saved, or how to schedule a game for a specific day?


I’ll PM you!