Blood Bowl or 40k this week


Anyone interested in playing a game of the new Blood Bowl league this week? Would also be interested in giving the new edition of 40k a try.


I’m up for a Perpetual League game. I can either bring my Dark Elves or my Humans. Which team are you likely to bring?


Cool. I don’t think my Khorne team will be ready so I’ll go Necromantic this time.


Due to paint issues I might well not get my Bunnies ready enough in time :frowning:


Well I’m not too bothered about the painting, as long as they can be clearly identified.:slight_smile:


Actually it’s not aesthetics. One of the models needs some painting work doing before the head is attached! I think I’ve managed to this the painty gloop enough to sort that though :slight_smile:


Should I schedule the match? I see that you can change the Home Stadium after the fact now. It might be useful to have a printout on the night.


Yes please if you could. Don’t mind if I’m home or away.:relaxed:


According to the PL rules on our first meeting we have to roll for it, along with the stadium we play in. :slight_smile:
All done and 2 copies printed, see you tomorrow with the Buns (although 1 will be headless and armless!)


Well my team are mostly Zombies so we’re used to being armless!