Blood Bowl Perpetual League - Downtiming Teams


Hi BB Coaches,

Now that the Perpetual League has ended, your teams need to be “downtimed and re-drafted” .

Please do this manually (i.e. NOT using OBBLM) and send me what you want to do. I will then sort it out for you in OBBLM (it needs to be cajoled somewhat at present, so best I do it).

Follow “Resolving Downtime”, “Raising Funds” (page 58 in Almanac*) and “Re-Drafting” (page 59 in Almanac*).

You’ll need to get somebody to witness your Niggling Injury and “fair-weather fans” rolls.

Feel free to play Perpetual League games in the “Off Season 2017/18” as friendlies before or after downtiming, but make sure to prioritise the Rygas Cup if you are in that.

More than happy to help if you are stuck,


*also in Death Zone 2, but I don’t have the page numbers to hand.