Blood Bowl Perpetual League


Hi All,
Now that we are able to play in person again, I am trying to judge interest in a Blood Bowl Perpetual League.
The league will be run using the rules in the 2020 Official Rule Book, with the following changes -
Cross Division Friendlies - Any coach may play a Friendly with another coach, even if there is only 1 division. If there is only 1 division, coaches may play up to 2 friendlies against the same coach.

If there is enough interest, I intend to start the League on Wednesday 15th September.


I would be interested if there are enough involved.


I would also be interested. Should be available for the 15th September if that is the start date.


I’d be interested too.


I’d be up for it. I’ll probably use my Chaos Team


I would be interested, just moved back to the area


Hi Santa
Stephen,Andy and myself would like to participate in the Blood Bowl league.


After careful consideration I’ve decided to play my Orc team now :smiley:


As there are 9 Coaches interested, the League will be split into 2 Divisions.
I numbered the coaches, then used a Random Number generator to split the coaches into the Divisions.
Division 1 -
Dave O

Division 2 -

I will be drawing the match order at Club tomorrow, and advertise it here.

As per the League rules in the book, there will be 2 ‘legs’ played between coaches in the divisions.
As this will mean a total of 8 matches for Division 1, you will have 2 weeks to play each game, but this will be extended to 3 weeks for the final round, which falls around Christmas/New Year!


The draw has now taken place.
We have an extra coach, Simon so there are now 5 Teams per division.
Round 1 fixtures are -
Division 1
Jonathan V Andy
Rob V David
Bye - Dave O

Division 2
Santa V Kev
Steven V Simon
Bye - Jim

Fixtures must be completed by Week ending 2/10 and results reported to me
Round 2 will commence on 6/10

Good Luck and Break some Heads!


Slight change to the fixtures in League 2, I will now play Jim and Kev has the bye.


steve, the excel sheet I use for the teams records is located…

It does all the maths for you so long as you fill in all the sheets.


Andy, this is the pitch I have……


Continuing the discussion from Blood Bowl Perpetual League:

Hi David
We were drawn to play against each other when are you available for the game.
Cheers Rob W.


Due to a drop-out, Round 1 for Division 1 will be extended by 1 Week to give Rob and Dave O a chance to play.
Division 2 is unaffected.
This will mean that the Divisions will not be in step, but Division 1 will have 1 less round than Division 2.

Remember, you can still play Cross Division friendlies.
I will post the dates and fixtures on a separate thread for ease, and can supply a paper copy on request.