Blood Bowl Perpetual Premier League Knockout Sign Up


Hi there,

If you would like to enter the the Knockout for the Premier League, please indicate here! There is an LED backlit trophy up for grabs.

To qualify, you will have needed to have played at least one game in the perpetual league by the end of November.

By signing up, you are agreeing to play 3 Blood Bowl games to be completed in December/January (concluded in time for the new Rygas Cup).

Draw will be made December 1st and will be seeded by position on the premier league ladder.

All welcome!!! - If you need an OBBLM account, let me know ASAP!



Remember to play at least one Perpetual League match this month if you want to enter the knockout stage.


I’m in!


Maul Stars withdraw from final after ownership dispute between the Powers of Chaos

The Maul Stars have been forced to withdraw from the Perpetual League Final after the four Powers of Chaos could not agree who owned the team.

It appears the Mual Stars have been a victim of their own success with the Four Powers vying for ownership. In an attempt to influence Coach Dopey, the Lord of Pestilence infected him with a severe case of Nurgle’s Rot.

Having received help from Exetonnian Apothecaries, Coach Dopey is now recovering at an undisclosed location in Bretonnia.

The final will now be contested between the Harlequins and the Killers.