Blood Bowl Perpetual Premier League


I wrote this in response to Santa’s game request, but it probably useful to start a thread on this:

All existing coaches should now be able to access the Premier League (new coaches will need to sign up):

Login at and select Rygas Roughnecks Premier League from the Dropdown menu. Feel free to sign up one or more teams.

This’ll be a “no commitment” league, so play games as and when you can. You can currently play “Pre-Season” games. The “(Ir)regular Season” will start when the Rygas Cup starts winding down.

Team creation
As rulebook but with all teams allowed.

Special Play Cards
Use “Variant 1” from :
If you wish to use a modified deck, then get the permission of your opponent first. The default case is to use the standard decks.

We are currently in “Pre-Season”. This means the following:

Post Match:
D3 Winnings
No MVPs awarded
All Injuries more severe than “Miss Next Game” are recorded as Miss Next Game.

Recording Results
Have a pop at using the Ladder Points calculator linked from the League’s main page.
Ladder points will be reset when the Irregular Season starts.

… More detailed information on the Premier League will be released after Death Zone 2 has become available (and digested!).


Request for Perpetual League Steering Group

With the Rygas Cup Regular Season now coming to a close and people requesting to play perpetual league games, Im going to attempt to set up OBBLM to allow (Ir)regular Season games from next Wednesday.

If you have strong feelings about how the perpetual league should be run then let me know and I’ll form up a steering group. Otherwise you’ll all have to put up with my ruthless implementation MWAAAUUUH HAAAAAR HAAAAARRRRR… I will reserve a veto, but I’ll try to restrict its use for OBBLM technical matters.

I’ll need you to be able to read through the plans THIS weekend so we can make decisions and get stuff ready for next week.

If you just want to play, then great! Either way, the instructions for registering teams are in the initial post on this thread.

There are two principles to our Perpetual League (at least how I see it):

  1. No commitment. You can join and play games as and when you can. Rationale: With one “commitment league” (the Rygas Cup) already, it seems a bit much to ask people to commit rigidly to BB for the rest of the year.

  2. Try as much as possible to give players the opportunity to use their miniatures and rules. Rationale: Blood Bowl (especially tournaments) can be very restrictive in what you can use, so here we’ll be able to indulge in more of the wacky fun side that BB has to offer :slight_smile:

This should complement the Blood Bowl competions at the club. We have ExE-Bowl (a short format tourney), the Rygas Cup (a structured non-rolling league) and the Perpetual League (a non-structured rolling league).

Cheers dudes!

Dopey #


Love to be involved!


I’d like to help, but I’m away from tomorrow lunchtime to Monday evening.


That’s ok Santa. Out of everybody, I think you are up on most things.


Couple of ideas:

  • The winning of each season should be entered into a hall of fame and then retired. This will prevent any team dominating the league in perpetuity (shamelessly stolen from 3DieBlock).
  • Introduce inducements which cost less than 50k. @JamesG just gifted me some of the Winterbowl inducement cards that seem to fit the bill. We could also induce coaches and cheerleaders for 10k apiece. This might help to narrow the gap between new and established teams.


One idea that I had about the card inducements is that whilst using variant 1, rather than both getting the same number of points, you get a number of points equal to your opponents TV, giving less experienced/skilled teams an advantage against the ‘Big Boys’.


I like the Winterbowl cards for the cheap inducements so all in favour of introducing them to the league. I would also be in favour of Assistant Coach and Cheerleader inducements, however I think they should cost 20k apiece as that would be in line for how Wandering Apothecaries and similar inducements are costed. They should always be a bit more expensive than buying the rostered equivalents.

Happy to offer my opinions on aspects of the league, but since I am currently running the Rygas Cup its probably best if someone else takes charge for the perpetual league.


The issue I have with using Winterbowl cards is that not everyone has a pack as they were pretty specialist.


We just need the rules from them though, each card has a different cost so we can just add them to the existing pool of inducements like Kegs or Wizards.


This is a useful link (that includes Winterbowl Inducements):


I’m trying to compile all the additional optional rules (outside of BB, DZ1 and DZ2) that have been released so far:

I think you can add comments to it.

At this stage, just compiling all the rules… not making a statement on what should and shouldn’t be used


Right guys.

I know some of you are eyeing up perpetual league matches this week.

I’ve not had the brownie points left in the tank to have enough time to finish this off but I have a very rough draft here … hopefully it’ll get you started for those that want to play this week.

Probably should run with this for now (well Wednesday at least). I’ve added the “(Ir)regular Season” to OBBLM for you to use.

Basically, it uses all the BB, DZ1, DZ2 rules, but there is a mechanism for choosing the Home team and that team sets all the optional rules (therefore everybody gets exactly the set up they want at least 50% of the time :slight_smile: )

Special Play Cards
Use “Variant 1” from :
There is now a mechanism for customised decks via the Home Field Advantage rules

All DZ1 Inducements available by default.

We are not using the “Regular” format present in DZ1 page 18. Instead we have an “Irregular Season” where you can play games as and when you can.

We are using League Rules from DZ1 from page 19 “League Teams” to and including “Conceding” on page 25.

Playoffs TBD and I have a mechanism for “Downtime”, but that isn’t urgent.

There is a calculator that links from the OBBLM for you to calculate your League points gained in a match.

Please ask any questions.

Some of us will meet up soon (hopefully) to solidify the rules.

If you gain a sponsor or a stadium, then (on OBBLM) record it in the match report AND ALSO in your team information


Another useful link for optional rules:


I have a small problem. I forgot to record our Ladder points before saving the result of our match tonight, but I think that I had 127 and Drew had 99. When I put the result into the calculator, it says that Drew should gain 199 points and I should get 25. That breaks things as I can’r enter 199 points into the Sportsmanship Points box!


Awesome work! :slight_smile: You must have found a limit in the code. If you could put a note in the Match Report then that would be grand. I shall take a look at the weekend.


Ok Guys - there is a glitch with the Sportsmanship Points. Play games as usual, but no need to calculate sportsmanship points.

I will do this retrospectively once I’ve repaired the glitch. I plan to do this during while watching the Lions match (and probably the F1) at the weekend.

I will also endeavour to tidy up the Premier League landing page.




Ok - I’ve now raised the limit on “Sportsmanship Points” and that bit seems to work now.

They still need to be calculated using the separate calculator page.


Is there any advantage to just using Elo rating rather than ladder points? Mostly just because OBBLM supports it natively without the user having to calculate anything.

(Elo is basically where everyone starts with a score of 200 which goes up or down depending on whether you win or lose but the size of the change depends on how much of an over/underdog your are. Beating someone with an a high Elo gets you more points.)


Yeah - that is definitely an option. It would certainly be simpler. The main reasons for doing the ladder as apposed to ELO are:

  1. You can’t lose points for playing a game.
  • Losing points may be demoralising for some.
  • People high on the table may not want to risk their standing if they can lose points (as would be the case with ELO) and therefore may not play matches
  1. Infrequent players get a chance to catch up.
  • The ladder means that you can gain a lot of points if you are playing teams with a lot of points already. This process is potentially a lot slower with ELO.
  1. Prevents winning the league from a few early wins
  • Potentially somebody could top the league with ELO by playing ~3 games only and winning them all.

To be honest though, if people can’t get along with the manual ladder (and I can’t automate it), then it may be best to switch to ELO or some derivative thereof.