Blood Bowl Perpetual Premier League


Thanks Dopey! :grinning:


Jonathan, do you want to schedule the match for Wednesday? I will be bringing Croyden Division


Yep, just done it now. Need to decide what to spend that inducement money on…


Inducements? How can that be when you play me? Hah, yeah of course you’d bring your artificially low TV Nurgle :stuck_out_tongue:


Well I did say I’d probably bring Nurgle, I thought you’d prefer it to playing my High Elves again! (plus it saves me having to change the elastic bands on them from playing against Dopey, only to change them back again next week…)

Only reason I didn’t spend the last 50k was it seemed better to save it for a 4th Nurgle Warrior rather having FF5.:slightly_smiling_face:


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New House Rule on Expensive Mistakes

Roll for Expensive Mistakes immediately before the start of the pre match sequence of your next match (rather than at the end of the current match). This allows coaches to make purchases in their own time and avoids ambiguity as to whether or not the Expensive Mistakes roll was made after the previous match.

Exception: No roll is needed before your first match of the season.

Remember: Expensive Mistakes rolls only kick in if you have a treasury of 100k or greater.

Any resulting treasury losses can be applied as a negative to your match winnings in the coming game.

Let me know if this is not clear.


The Perpetual Premier League Rules now exist as a living rulebook here:

You can also find the link under “League Rules” in the OBBLM:

I will endeavour to keep them up to date. The implementation of SPIKE rules and also the Expensive Mistakes house rule are now there.


Howdy Sports Fans!

The deadline this year for the “Irregular Season” will be Oct 31st. So make sure to play at least one game before then to make the playoffs.

This year I’m hoping to get the playoffs done on a single Sat or Sun in November/December… decided by majority availability (and hopefully at Kirton).



Important announcement re Downtiming this season

It seems harsh on a fair few teams this year to “Downtime”. Therefore there will be NO down timing at the end of this season. Teams can just play on as they are next season.

Remember the deadline for “Irregular Season” will be Oct 31st. So make sure to play at least one game before then to make the playoffs.


I think that’s a good idea regarding the downtiming. I think the re-drafting rules are probably more aimed at teams that have played 20+ games and need a bit of a shake-up to stop them dominating the league year after year. Maybe we should make a rule that any team that has played less than ‘X’ number of games (either in total or across a season) does not need to be redrafted.


Yeah - I’ve also been thinking that something along these lines is needed. If we defer down timing this season we can have a think and sort something out for next season.


Hi Folks, I’m looking to join a Blood Bowl league and after a FB message to Rygas, Jonathan pointed me here. Planning on running a Slann team when my mini’s arrive from the Fanath Frogs KS, should be later this month. Have you got room in your league for some space frogs? I’ve got a painted Dwarf team to use for a pick up game or two in the meantime. When’s best to come along and what would I need to do beforehand with regard to team registration, club membership, etc?


Hi Matey,
If you want to join in with the Perpetual League this year you are cutting a little fine :slight_smile: There’s a Bloodbowl competition on this Saturday at Kirton Games in Crediton, so most of us are a bit focussed on that at the moment.
For Team registration, PM Dopey and he should be able to sort you out with a login to RBBLM, which is the clubs OBBLM version.
As for membership, just rock up on a Wednesday, the first week is free, after that I will chase you for £2 if you play, £1 if you watch.
Use this board to arrange matches is the best way of going about it to start with at least.


Hi Chamberlain, I’m the same Jonathan that directed you here. :slightly_smiling_face:

Always happy to have more teams in the league, whatever type you are using. I haven’t actually played against Dwarfs in ages so would be happy to see them, and Slann are always a fun challenge to play against. As Santa alluded to, the plan was to end the current season this month and then do the play-offs, but there may be some flexibility there.

As it happens, I am looking for a game of Blood Bowl next Wednesday, preferably a Perpetual League game but also happy to play a one-off match, so if you (or anyone else) is interested let me know.


Hi Jonathan,

I’m up for a game this Weds if you’ve not been offered one yet. I doubt my frogs will be here in time but I could use some Humans as proxies, or if you’d rather play against wysiwyg I can bring the Dwarves along.


How did the tournament go yesterday?


I haven’t arranged anything else yet so happy to give you a game this Wednesday. Will you be registering a team in the OBBLM for the Perpetual League or will this just be a one-off standard build game? Happy either way, just need to know as it may affect which team I bring. Humans as Slann proxies should be fine.

Tournament went well I thought, but not for me personally as my Humans were torn apart in 2 games (by Slann and Norse) making it impossible for me to stop my opponent scoring as I just didn’t have enough players on the pitch. By the end of my game against the Norse I was down to just 2 players remaining! :anguished:


I’ll bring Slann-men then, they’re on OBBLM - Chotek’s Chosen


Cool, I’ve scheduled a match against my Khorne team. They have a team rating to 1160 so you’ll get some inducements.:slightly_smiling_face: