Blood Bowl Perpetual Premier League


All good points, you’ve obviously given this some thought! I don’t think the manual ladder calc is a problem if we end up with a calc that works better for the league.


Just to say that over the weekend I’ll be attempting to upgrade the OBBLM to Death Zone 2 now that something “official” has been done:

This means you may find that is down.

On the up side, afterwards the new star players should be available and Gobbo and Pact players will have their roster updates.

I will however probably stick to the old naming conventions (to minimise changes). So e.g. Amazons will still be Linewomen, Catchers etc rather than Piranha Girl and Snake Charmer or whatever.


Bug Alert!

Hi Guys,

Santa has stumbled across a bug/“feature” in OBBLM. The SMP entry box seems to top out at 127… I’m suspicious that 0-127 is 128 numbers (i.e. half a byte for the computer geeks) and there is a limit somewhere. I will try and investigate this over the weekend. This means that the rankings may not be entirely correct as they stand.

Many apologies!



Two important updates:

  1. Scoring system

  2. Plan for the playoffs

1) Scoring System

It seems my time is at a premium at the mo, so I’ve reverted to Plan E and there is now an automatic scoring system in place. It is an “Elo with Games Played” hybrid. So it still rewards you for playing games in addition to success. In some rare cases though, your score may decrease.

2) Plan for the playoffs

So the Irregular Season will end on Nov 30th.

The Premiership Title will then be fought over in a knockout stage. This will be conducted in December and January and finish in time for the Rygas Cup.

All are welcome to compete for the title. The minimum requirement is that you have played at least one Irregular Season game. By entering the knockout stage, you will be committing yourself 3 games to be played before the Rygas Cup starts.

The knockout will be seeded according to the Irregular Season table at the time. So the higher up you are, the more likely you will be to have home field advantage!

There will be a custom backlit LED trophy for the Premiership Champion! :star2::trophy::star2:

Quick note on star player use in the playoffs. Star Players can be used, but can only be induced from funds received as an underdog. Star Players cannot be induced either fully or in part from money from your treasury.

Here is a link to the Living Premier League Living Rules:

New Players can sign up here: or contact me


Orc Renegade now available for Chaos Pact teams on OBBLM


Looks like the League Table is stuffed though. It’s showing everyone on 0 for the Perpetual League!


Well spotted Santa. It seems my new update wiped my old update. Sorted now. Let’s hope nothing else got affected.

This is getting to be a bit of a beast to maintain now… :anguished:


Hi Folks,

Given that NAF have now made Brettonian and Deamons of Khorne “official” races (and that they are already in the OBBLM), feel free to use them in the Perpetual Premier League.

Remember to play at least one game by the end of November to qualify for the knockout :slight_smile:


Just a reminder that this week is the last opportunity to get a Perpetual League game in before the playoffs!! :trophy:



The playoffs this year will be contested by the Perpetual Killers, the Yvresse Harlequins and the Chaos Maul Stars. The Killers finished top of the irregular season and thus gain Homefield advantage.

The fixtures are:

Killers vs Maul Stars
Killers vs Harlequins
Harlequins vs Maul Stars

The top two go through to the final with the chance to win the LED backlit Trophy :trophy:

Anyone else can still play Perpetual League games as Friendlies. So do this, set a fixture in the “Off-season 2017/18” tournament. Use the rules for friendlies for these only that you get D6 winnings rather than D3.


Hi All,

With the Rygas Cup reaching a conclusion, it is nearing time to restart the Perpetual Premier League! This is a rolling league where your team(s) keeps its developments from season to season. There is zero commitment, so you can play as many or few games as takes your fancy :slight_smile:

I’m aiming to get stuff ready (namely a clearer ruleset) for a 1st June Start … but you can join in at any time before then or after. I’m also working on improving the automation in OBBLM.

Existing coaches: If you could decide “offline” how you’d like to Downtime your team(s) and let me know. Then I’ll do the drudge work in OBBLM to get you ready for the new season.

New coaches: Let me know if you’d like to take part and I’ll get you sorted out.

The key change from last year is that I’m enabling the rostering of Star Players (as per the rules), so let me know if you’d like to include one in your team(s).

Its likely the league will run from June to the end of October, where there’ll then be a playoff to see who wins the title before the next Rygas Cup.

Block on!



Hi Dopey,

I’ve been looking at the Downtime and redrafting rules for my existing teams and this is what I’d like to happen to them:

Yvresse Harlequins - No players will want to retire as they haven’t played enough seasons, one player who will no longer be MNG, FF5 will have to be rolled for. I will have 1,220,000 to spend on the team from Raising Funds, so would like to spend 1,130,000 on Re-drafting the entire team as is, and then spend the remaining 90,000 hiring a new Catcher.

Jacksonville Thrillers - They only have a Fan Factor of 1 so this can’t go down. I’ll have 1,100,000 to spend when re-drafting so again would like to re-hire the existing team at a cost of 1,000,000 and just leave the rest in the treasury.

Khorne Mincers - similar to above, but with just 1,030,000 to spend on re-drafting. Again I’d like to re-hire the team as is, but will have to drop the Apothecary and buy a new Pit fighter to get my team up to the minimum starting number of 11.

Poxbringers - I didn’t play any games with this team in the last league so I assume they can just be rolled forward as is.

We can roll for the Harlequins fan factor next time I see you at club. Any queries about the above let me know. :slightly_smiling_face:


Due to having a fairly manic couple of weeks (including the mandatory having a 12 year old paste me at X-WIng), the Premier League start has been postponed to June 13th

I’ll downtime existing teams over this weekend and also write up the ruleset… this is getting harder now that rules are spread over a variety of places.


Hi Guys,

The rules for the Premier League are now here:

Main changes from last year are that you can:

  1. roster a Star.

  2. Home team sets whether or not timing should be used. I’ve built in an incentive to use timing and even more of an incentive to finish promptly :wink: … of course for your home games you can decide either way.

Also there is now an “(Ir)Regular Season 2018” that you can schedule games in.



@Santa @Jonathan


All done :slight_smile:


Thanks Dopey! :grinning:


Jonathan, do you want to schedule the match for Wednesday? I will be bringing Croyden Division


Yep, just done it now. Need to decide what to spend that inducement money on…


Inducements? How can that be when you play me? Hah, yeah of course you’d bring your artificially low TV Nurgle :stuck_out_tongue:


Well I did say I’d probably bring Nurgle, I thought you’d prefer it to playing my High Elves again! (plus it saves me having to change the elastic bands on them from playing against Dopey, only to change them back again next week…)

Only reason I didn’t spend the last 50k was it seemed better to save it for a 4th Nurgle Warrior rather having FF5.:slightly_smiling_face: