Blood Bowl Perpetual Premier League


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New House Rule on Expensive Mistakes

Roll for Expensive Mistakes immediately before the start of the pre match sequence of your next match (rather than at the end of the current match). This allows coaches to make purchases in their own time and avoids ambiguity as to whether or not the Expensive Mistakes roll was made after the previous match.

Exception: No roll is needed before your first match of the season.

Remember: Expensive Mistakes rolls only kick in if you have a treasury of 100k or greater.

Any resulting treasury losses can be applied as a negative to your match winnings in the coming game.

Let me know if this is not clear.


The Perpetual Premier League Rules now exist as a living rulebook here:

You can also find the link under “League Rules” in the OBBLM:

I will endeavour to keep them up to date. The implementation of SPIKE rules and also the Expensive Mistakes house rule are now there.