Blood Bowl Referendum on New Races


Hi Guys,

Some of you may be interested that the NAF will be having a referendum on if Khorne and Brettonians become “official” races.

The vote will occur towards the end of September apparently.

Block on!


NAF statement below:

"The NAF minutes for May included a statement that the committee is planning a referendum on whether Khorne and Bretonnians should be added to the database:

This has been something that has been requested for a while, since Khorne were added to Cyanide’s Blood Bowl 1. Bretonnians are in Blood Bowl 2.

Anecdotal evidence is that both teams are tier 2, depending on TV and ruleset. We will be looking at statistical evidence from Cyanide and from those NAF tournaments and tabletop leagues where they have been used.

In the meantime, thoughts welcome."


I’ve never been that keen on the Bretonnians personally. Whilst their roster is quite limited, if they can avoid getting too badly beaten up in the process it seems (at least on paper) that they are a bit too efficient in nullifying teams that need to block their way up the pitch. Scoring does seem to be an issue for them though. In some ways, they are a bit like Nurgle but geared up to frustrate the opposite type of teams that Nurgle can.

I prefer the Khorne team, but I don’t think this is the right time to add them as an official new race due to GW coming out with new stuff every month or so. I wouldn’t be surprised if GW do a Khorne team once the official teams are completed, and who knows if it will look the same as the current version. If so, then wouldn’t the NAF be obliged to drop their version for the new one?


Well the voting has finished and it went overwhelmingly in favour of including both, although less than a quarter of eligible voters took part.

In spite of the fact I quite like the Khorne team and am in the middle of building one, I actually voted No to both.

Anyway, link here if you want to see the NAF’s summary: NAF new races voting results