Blood Bowl Season 10



OK, lots of questions to answer here!

@Jim_Albins - the special play cards that come in the Human, Orc and Elf packs are usable by all teams, not just those 3 races. They are supposed to be complimentary to that teams style of play, but are not restricted to them. I have the human ones and I think most teams could make good use of them. If one player has them and their opponent doesn’t have access to them then I think they should be encouraged to share their special play card deck with their opponent for that match so both have potential to draw them from the deck.

@Nanuek - I also prefer the simpler version of BB2016 for inducements. I think I would rather keep it that way until we get sight of an official FAQ. As for the CRP Wizard, I am not a fan either but I don’t like outright banning stuff if I can avoid it. Perhaps we could introduce a special rule for certain inducements: ‘Restoring the Balance’ - this inducement may only be chosen by the underdog.

@Dopey & @Nanuek - to be honest I didn’t really think about this as we had the same rule for Winterbowl cards last year and nobody raised it as an issue. I have a set myself but can’t remember if I got an opportunity to use them last season as I was rarely the underdog in any game. My thinking was that if someone had a set they would also make them available to their opponents when they played them, so they wouldn’t be universally available would be available to both sides in any match they featured in. I think we either need to add the 3 cheapest cards to the list of inducements everyone can take, or just ban them altogether. I’m starting to think it may be necessary to create a handout of league rules and give a copy to every coach, in which case the Winterbowl inducements could be included. However, I think a more relevant question is: does a team that is only 30k down really need to benefit from these inducements?

@Oakley - league will be starting either last Wednesday of January or first week of February. Will confirm soon.


Just a quick note that none of the new Star Players from the new release are available yet in our OBBLM. Nor are the new Goblin positionals.

This will require some work to implement and I cannot guarantee it will be done by the start of the Rygas Cup.

If anyone knows they want to play Gobbos or may want to use the new star players early on in the league, please let me know ASAP and I’ll prioritise getting the relevant rules up


After some consideration, I have decided to remove the Winterbowl cards as an option for this league as most coaches don’t have access to them and its just more straightforward to disallow them than to add more special exceptions and modifications to the league.


I have decided that despite the fact we don’t run a Stunty Cup I fancy trying out the new goodies available so I’ll be bringing Goblinz :slight_smile:
Roll out The Flying Cir-cuss


I’ve had a look at the Gobbo code for OBBLM tonight and it should be doable :slight_smile:


New Gobbo players and hopefully all the star players are now available in our OBBLM :slight_smile:

… hopefully…


Sadly guys I’m going to have to withdraw from this. I’m still working on to many projects so can’t fit this in too


Sorry to hear this. Hopefully you will be able to join in the perpetual league instead when that restarts in a few months.


OK, I’m planning on making the draw next week with the official start of the league on the 7th February.

If anyone else wants to take part it would be helpful if they could let me know by Tuesday. Also, I would like to have which race everyone is using confirmed before making the draw (rosters can be done when adding your team to the OBBLM).


I will be slann thanks.


Confirmed The Deep Lore Rabble (Skaven)


Ill be using Dark Elves


Thanks for confirming your teams.

Santa and I did the draw for the first round last night and the pairings were as follows:

Jonathan vs Dave O
Dopey vs Santa
Jim vs Muppet
Tom vs Cameron

Games to be played on the 7th and 14th of February.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure your team is in the OBBLM if you haven’t added it there already (should be assigned to the Rygas Cup from the league options list). This is so the matches can be scheduled and the full fixture list drawn up.


Only 8 in the league this year :frowning: I’m free to play my first game this Wednesday. Will input my team onto obblm. Is the link in this thread somewhere?

PS congrats on your win Jonathan


Hey dude,

You can input it at mine if you like! Otherwise here is the link:



Right, think the OBBLM is ready to go. Just need Jim’s team input (when he has his internet back) so we can do the fixtures

EDIT: also waiting for warmuppet


on the site now how to I get the interceptors to register? really confused


Ah think I’ve done it


@Muppett, warmuppet pet didn’t have access to the Rygas Cup. I have now rectified this so you can sign up a team :slight_smile:

Apologies for the mistake!



no worries dude.

Which my teams are eligible ?

‘The war muppetts’ were played in the perpetual league i think?

Can they be used or should i start fresh with ‘War muppets are back’