Blood Bowl Season 10



Hi Drew,

Yeah, start with a fresh team. in the league drop down, select “Rygas Cup”

Hope that helps!



Ok - all the Round 1 fixtures are up on the OBBLM now. I’ll try and get the rest of the fixtures up today.


Ok guys, all of the Regular Season matches are now scheduled.

Let me know if you spot any problems.

I’ve balanced out home and away best I can; home and away only matters for fluff reasons in this league.

Cheers all!


@Jim_Albins and @Muppett - Great that you got your game done! Congrats on the win Muppett!

You guys need to fill in the “IR 1 D1” and “IR 1 D2” dice values for any player that “skilled up”.

If you cant rememeber the exact amount then put any double or non-double as appropriate.



Snake eyes for Jim. I remember that much. Rolling 1’s all day


Improvement Roll is the perfect time for snake eyes! :snake: :eyes: = :1st_place_medal: