Blood Bowl Season 10



Hi Drew,

Yeah, start with a fresh team. in the league drop down, select “Rygas Cup”

Hope that helps!



Ok - all the Round 1 fixtures are up on the OBBLM now. I’ll try and get the rest of the fixtures up today.


Ok guys, all of the Regular Season matches are now scheduled.

Let me know if you spot any problems.

I’ve balanced out home and away best I can; home and away only matters for fluff reasons in this league.

Cheers all!


@Jim_Albins and @Muppett - Great that you got your game done! Congrats on the win Muppett!

You guys need to fill in the “IR 1 D1” and “IR 1 D2” dice values for any player that “skilled up”.

If you cant rememeber the exact amount then put any double or non-double as appropriate.



Snake eyes for Jim. I remember that much. Rolling 1’s all day


Improvement Roll is the perfect time for snake eyes! :snake: :eyes: = :1st_place_medal:


Sadly Dopey and I have not been able to fit in the second half of our game so we have had to call it with one half complete, so the final result is a 1-1 draw. We are both due to play our 3rd round games tomorrow so we’ll roll up the post-match sequence before the start of the next match and add the results into OBBLM at the same time as the 3rd round games.


I shall bring my web enabled laptop incase anything needs to be added to rosters before hand.


Current Worm:


I preferred last year’s table…


Still all to play for dude! :slight_smile:


I think this one has a certain charm…


Just you wait. I will stage a comeback and rise to victory standing atop a heap of dead Goblins!


Effective knock-out for the Cir-cuss now Santa, but the Gobbos can still do it with 3 wins on the bounce! #BribeBashBounce


Yeah, Right!


Well if you are still in with a shout by your final game Santa let me know and we can discuss appropriate bribe levels.*

*As League Commissioner, I of course crack down hard on any attempts to subvert the integrity of the league through bribery.

**The League Commissioner will be prepared to look the other way with an appropriate ‘donation’ to a ‘charity foundation’. Please contact the Secretary to the Commissioner for the list of agreed donation levels and benefits.


Donation Level.
How about Threppence Ha’penny
A Returnable Pop Bottle
and a wet snog with Billy May’s sister?


A wet snog you say? I’ll have to consult my Standardised Bribery Conversion Table to see what benefits this grants…


Drew (Warmuppet), I can no longer make next Wednesday. Work you know. Are you able to play other nights? I could host at my house.


Yeah, tongues and everything! Everyone knows she’s easy, she let Johnny touch her vest under her jumper!