Blood Bowl Season 10



Hi guys,

Could you let me know what your team colours are - especially the main colour? (or if you haven’t painted your team then what you imagine them to be). I’d like to match up the worm a bit better with actuallity if poss.






Green, and splashes of blood (which considering Goblins are mostly fungus will also be green)


Red and white. Look up Sunderland football club.


Terquoise and yellow


silver with purple


Red and blue diamond pattern with green shirts. I guess red is the most prominent colour. The team has a playing card theme to it so I imagine their team badge would be red and black.


I didn’t realise I could choose multiple colours!

OK, let me think… still grey.




I wish for an ounce of your wit, Dopey.


Is it a kind of Mousey grey?


More of a kind of unpainted plastic sort of grey…


Ok - I’ve re-coloured the worm. Everyone has team colours apart from the Orcs (Green) and Gobbos (Gold, as they can’t keep their hands off the stuff!)


I love a re-coloured worm, me.


The last of the final round of games has taken place so the semi-final line-up has now been decided:

The Deep Lore Rabble vs Tor Yvresse Harlequins
Modus Blockerandi vs Rhinestone Slannboys

Semi-finals should ideally take place next week or the following week.

Thanks to everyone who has taken part this year for completing your fixtures and making this a fun series of games.


now that the season is drawing to a close, does anyone know if we are planning on holding a tournament in October this year?


Hi Jonathan,

Is that weeks commencing 14th and 21st or 21st and 28th?




It was meant to be 14th and 21st, but as it’s a bit short notice for this week I’m happy to extend it to the 28th if necessary.

(@Nanuek I should be available on the 21st, let me know if that suits you.)

@Cameron I asked Pete if he wanted to take up running ExeBowl again but haven’t heard back from him. I don’t really have time to do it myself, so I’ve had some discussions with Kirton Games about taking it over as they were looking at running a NAF-approved event. I expect they will hold it in their store rather than Whipton.


Would be great if ExE-Bowl continued! I’m sure Kirton would make awesome caretakers of it :+1:


@Jonathan yes, I can do 23rd (week commencing 21st)