Blood Bowl Season 10



Great, I should be able to make it there by 6:30. See you then.


I’ve added the semi final fixtures to the OBBLM


Just to confirm that any new content from the latest Spike! magazine can be used in the league. Most of this is Chaos-themed so won’t affect the current semi-finalists, but the Hireling Sports-Wizard will now be the official replacement for the CRP Wizard. If you are planning on using him, it may be a good idea to bring a model, token or marker (this could just be an elastic band with ‘Frog’ written on it) to mark out any players that get transmogrified.


Can we use Star players and mercenaries?


Knew I kept it for a reason!

Apparently can’t take 150k Wizard as well as 80k wizard though.


Yes Star players and Mercenaries will be allowed. We’ve allowed them previous years so can’t think of a reason not to have them now.


@Nanuek Thanks again for the game last night. Realised when entering the results that I fortgot to include your improvement roll and neither of us rolled for winnings/fan factor. Will roll for mine next week if another member of the league can witness it for me. If you can remember your improvement roll please add it to the OBBLM. I guess these bits will still matter if you are interested in playing a 3rd Place play-off with whoever finishes second in the other semi-final.


Well the line-up for the final has now been decided:

Modus Blockerandi vs Tor Yvresse Harlequins

Dopey and I have arranged to play this match next Wednesday. Hopefully this time we’ll be able to finish our game. :grinning:


I’ve added the Final fixture to the OBBLM (and the 3rd place too if needed)


Well, you might have seen Dopey’s other post already but just to confirm the result of the final was:

Tor Yvresse Harlequins 3 - 2 Modus Blockerandi

Which means that I am in the position having to declare myself as League Champion (first time this has happened since I became league commissioner, feels a bit weird), so, er, congrats me. :trophy::1st_place_medal::fireworks:

Commiserations to Dopey who played a good game but just had things go against him at the start and end of the second half.

I have updated the league history and rankings documents for those that are interested. Please see attached.

@Nanuek let me know when you are able to return the trophy.:slightly_smiling_face:

RRBBL History.pdf (66.2 KB)
Rygas Blood Bowl Rankings 2018.pdf (126.3 KB)


Congratulations! I got the trophy into the wandering hands of one Dave O who I’m hoping will be at the club shortly.


I suspect that capable is vastly over stating it. I will try not to lose or damage it in the next few days. It is nice to hold the trophy, even if I am only acting as a courier.


I’ve updated my post for clarity


Will the trophy be presented on this Wednesday coming? As I left in a hurry after the final (poor sprit from me), the least I can do is be there for the presentation :slightly_smiling_face:


Dave said in his reply to your other thread that he can do the presentation next week, and I’ll be around, so I assume we will be doing it this Wednesday.


Regrettably I can’t make the presentation after all. In compensation, I’ve attached the concluding “worm plot” documenting @jonathan and the Harlequins remarkable recovery from P7 back in Round 3 to go on and win!

Note: 3rd/4th was uncontested as were the bottom four places.