Blood Bowl Season 11



Just a thought- this is the 10th Anniversary of the Rygas Cup!! :slightly_smiling_face: … Maybe that could be used to big up the event / build up some hype / get some older players involved.


Not actually the 10th Anniversary as the league has been going almost as long as the club has.:slightly_smiling_face:

The OBBLM is back online and you can now register your teams for the Rygas cup, see the other post on the forum from the OBBLM feed for more details. The Rampagers are already up and ready to take skulls and spill blood in Khorne’s name. :grin:

Unless some more coaches join in at the last minute it looks like it will just be the 6 of us. For that reason, this year every coach will play each other twice in a home and away match (rather than just once as in previous years). There won’t be any rules differences to reflect this, games will be played as per the standard league rules regardless of whether you are the home team or not. Once all league fixtures have been completed the top 2 teams will play each other once more in a Grand Final to determine the overall league champion. If the remaining coaches want to they can have a series of play-offs to establish who finishes third (the Bronze Medal Blitz).

I’m going to aim for 27th February as the start date for the league if that suits everyone. I will draw the first round of fixtures at the club this week so everyone knows who they are playing against.


Thanks everyone for getting your teams uploaded to the OBBLM. The draw for the first round was done tonight at the club and the fixtures are as follows:

Rhinestone Ogreboys (DaveO) vs Yer A Lizzard 'Arry (Santa)
Cranbrook Cretins (Clarkey) vs Angry Ron’s Rampagers (Jonathan)
Dodgy Muppetts (Muppett) vs Boogie Knights (Kev)

First round to be played w/c 27th Feb. I’ll get a full set of fixture dates up later and added to the OBBLM. If you think getting your first match done in either of the next 2 weeks let me know.


Baptism of fire for the Cretins lol. See you Weds :rugby_football::rat:


Yeah, see you then. Looking forward to it. :slightly_smiling_face::facepunch::football:


I’ve tidied up the front page on the website so that the new season is shown. Let me know if there are any problems.


Thanks Dopey.

I have now added all the fixtures to the OBBLM, and I think I have done it correctly. The fixtures work out as follows:

Round 1 w/c 27/02/19
Rhinestone Ogreboys (Dave O) v Yer A Lizard Arry (Santa)
Cranbrook Cretins (Phil) v Angry Ron’s Rampagers (Jonathan)
Dodgey Muppetts (Drew) v The Hard Dazed Knights (Kev)

Round 2 w/c 13/03/19
Yer A Lizard Arry (Santa) v Cranbrook Cretins (Phil)
The Hard Dazed Knights (Kev) v Angry Ron’s Rampagers (Jonathan)
Dodgey Muppetts (Drew) v Rhinestone Ogreboys (Dave O)

Round 3 w/c 27/03/19
Cranbrook Cretins (Phil) v The Hard Dazed Knights (Kev)
Yer A Lizard Arry (Santa) v Dodgey Muppetts (Drew)
Angry Ron’s Rampagers (Jonathan) v Rhinestone Ogreboys (Dave O)

Round 4 w/c 10/04/19
Dodgey Muppetts (Drew) v Cranbrook Cretins (Phil)
Rhinestone Ogreboys (Dave O) v The Hard Dazed Knights (Kev)
Angry Ron’s Rampagers (Jonathan) v Yer A Lizard Arry (Santa)

Round 5 w/c 24/04/19
Cranbrook Cretins (Phil) v Rhinestone Ogreboys (Dave O)
Dodgey Muppetts (Drew) v Angry Ron’s Rampagers (Jonathan)
The Hard Dazed Knights (Kev) v Yer A Lizard Arry (Santa)

Round 6 w/c 08/05/19
Angry Ron’s Rampagers (Jonathan) v Cranbrook Cretins (Phil)
Yer A Lizard Arry (Santa) v Rhinestone Ogreboys (Dave O)
The Hard Dazed Knights (Kev) v Dodgey Muppetts (Drew)

Round 7 w/c 22/05/19
Cranbrook Cretins (Phil) v Yer A Lizard Arry (Santa)
Angry Ron’s Rampagers (Jonathan) v The Hard Dazed Knights (Kev)
Rhinestone Ogreboys (Dave O) v Dodgey Muppetts (Drew)

Round 8 w/c 05/06/19
The Hard Dazed Knights (Kev) v Cranbrook Cretins (Phil)
Dodgey Muppetts (Drew) v Yer A Lizard Arry (Santa)
Rhinestone Ogreboys (Dave O) v Angry Ron’s Rampagers (Jonathan)

Round 9 w/c 19/06/19
Cranbrook Cretins (Phil) v Dodgey Muppetts (Drew)
The Hard Dazed Knights (Kev) v Rhinestone Ogreboys (Dave O)
Yer A Lizard Arry (Santa) v Angry Ron’s Rampagers (Jonathan)

Round 10 w/c 03/07/19
Rhinestone Ogreboys (Dave O) v Cranbrook Cretins (Phil)
Angry Ron’s Rampagers (Jonathan) v Dodgey Muppetts (Drew)
Yer A Lizard Arry (Santa) v The Hard Dazed Knights (Kev)

FINAL 17/07/2019

I’ve also attached a PDF version of the fixtures in case anyone wants to print out a copy.
Rygas Cup XI fixtures.pdf (99.3 KB)


For the first time we have been running this league all the opening games resulted in a draw! Santa is top of the league for now due to having inflicted the most casualties, and Phil is propping up the table as his players failed to inflict any, but with only 6pts separating them no-one has a significant advantage at this stage.

Please remember to pick your skills and hire any journeymen you need at least a day before your next game so your opponent has a chance to review your roster ahead of the match. If anyone is unsure how to do this in the OBBLM, let me know.

@Kev are you available on the 13th for our match?


Hi Jonathan, yes the 13th is fine for me. I’ll be there around 6-6:30


Great, see you then. :slightly_smiling_face:


Just a couple of admin bits:

The ‘Total Team CAS’ boxes in the Cretins vs Knights game had not been completed, so I have now filled that in. As a result, both teams have now have an additional 2 points in the league table.

I have updated the Elf Catcher on Drew’s team to have +1AG as the choice from his improvement roll as per his request. Drew still needs to decide whether to hire or fire his 2 Journeymen as he can’t keep them as Journeymen for his next match. Additionally, it would be nice if Drew could name his players.:grinning:


Some of you (actually, all of you) will have noticed that one of the games of Blood Bowl did not take place this week as scheduled. It has been agreed that Drew (@Muppett) and Phil will play next week, and then I will play Drew and Phil will play DaveO the week after and then we will all be caught up in time for round 6. Should Drew miss either of these games, he will be forced to forfeit those matches.


Yeh thanks guys, see you Wednesday


Just wanted to say I looked at the match record you put in and it needs some minor corrections. The IR 1 D1 and IR 1 D2 boxes are used for recording the actual dice rolls of the Improvement Rolls, not the Injury Rolls which I think is what you’ve used them for (it confused me the first time as well). The Inj box is used for recording the results of injuries, which I see you have done. If you are able to correct this using your match record sheet that would be great.


Yeh being labelled IR is a bit silly

All amended, see you Wednesday


Well we’re halfway through the league now and the last round went the same way as the first - everyone drew! :grin: With so many draws, the top and bottom teams are separated by just 79pts which is not an insurmountable difference, although The Hard Dazed Knights are looking good for a top-two finish and a play-off place.

Now the teams all have some experience under their belts, it will be interesting to see how the results for the return matches differ from the first times each team met.


Well tonights results have certainly shaken things up a bit. Still waiting for one game to be put in but it looks like the top 4 will be separated by about one wins worth of points, whilst the Ogres and Skaven have closed the gap a little more and stand an outside chance if they can go on a late run of wins.

I realised as soon as I got home that after the dramatic end to our match Phil and I had forgotten to roll for winnings and fan factor. As a stop-gap measure I have given both teams 30k winnings (the minimum they could both receive) to allow basic purchases and get the teams ready for the next match, however before the next game we’ll both need to roll for winnings and Fan Factor, and then I will adjust it if there is a change in FF or either of us get more than 30k winnings. For now, please take into account the team values may be +/-10k at least when thinking about any inducements you may take for the next round of matches.


Just to say in case anyone notices something has changed, I had to deduct 1pt from @Santa’s league points total as he gained a total of 37pts from his game against Phil, and as per the league rules the most you can earn from a single game is 36pts.


Boo Hiss Meanie :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow, the Cranbrook Cretins are so bad they broke the league lol.