Blood Bowl Season 11



Thanks for the info. My team is still up north anyway with most of my stuff. Will be collecting it in a few weeks and then can get playing.


So the league has concluded for this year and congratulations to Santa for becoming the season 11 champion! I’ll bring the trophy in tomorrow for the official handover. :smiley:

Commiserations do Drew who I understand gave Santa a close game until his luck run out right at the end.

Thanks also to everyone else for completing your matches on schedule and keeping the league running smoothly. I hope you all enjoyed it.

Below is a worm plot of everyone’s positions over the course of the season. Whilst at some points it doesn’t look like there was much change, there were a few times when the top 4 were separated by less than 10 points, meaning that even one of those matches producing a different result could have changed positions quite drastically.


Also attached is the updated League winners list, and the Rygas League rankings for those that are interested. As current champion, Santa is automatically ranked no. 1 even though he doesn’t have the most ranking points over the last 3 seasons.

If you haven’t had enough Blood Bowl, we should be starting the perpetual Premier League again soon. Santa is currently the champion of this as well, can he be deposed when the final is played next January?

Jonathan, League Commissioner

RRBBL History.pdf (67.4 KB)
Rygas Blood Bowl Rankings 2019.pdf (124.2 KB)


In celebration of Santa’s success, GW are releasing a new lizard team!


Lounging Lizards! @Santa was ahead of the game!


I swear that’s not the first time Gee Dubs have stolen my name for things! Are they tapping me or reading my thoughts?


Hi all
First time posting here. I live in NZ but visiting family in Dawlish over Christmas/New Years. Any BB happening over that time? I realise your league has finished. Don’t even know if your club operates over The Christmas hols. Cheers


Hi Toffer, welcome to the forum!

It’s possible there will be people playing ad-hoc games of Blood Bowl then, however the club meets on Wednesday evenings and with both Christmas Day and New Years Day falling on a Wednesday this year we may not be open those days, which would mean the clubs last meet would be 18th Dec and next 8th Jan. Possible we may open 1st Jan but we won’t decide on that until nearer the time. Either way, the decision on club opening times over Christmas will be posted on the forum a week or two in advance.



Thanks. I’ll keep an eye out in December.