Blood Bowl Season 12 - now on FUMBBL!


Good news sports fans - the Rygas Cup lives again!!! :grinning::+1:

The league has now been set up online at FUMBBL. To get there, please follow this link:

Once you’ve registered on the site, you can follow the ‘Create team for this league’ link on the right of the league homepage to set-up your team. If you have an existing team in the OBBLM, you can copy that one (which is what Santa and I have done). Once you have copied across your team, give Santa a PM and he will add any SPP’s and skills your team has accumulated so far.

If you don’t have a team in the league yet and want to take part, please feel free to create a new team using the standard starting rules. Please note the starting cash is a lot higher than normal to allow for people to add existing experienced teams, so please remember to keep within the usual 1,000,000 gps for new teams.

Any questions post below or send Santa or myself a PM and we’ll try to help.

I hope to see you on the (virtual) pitch soon.:slightly_smiling_face:


Excellent work! Well done @Santa and @Jonathan. I’ll hopefully sign my team up this evening :+1: :black_flag:‍:skull_and_crossbones:️ :grin: :black_flag:‍:skull_and_crossbones:️ :+1:


Think I’ve entered my team!


What’s your exact Team Name, they still need to be invited by a Mod (You, Me or Jon) even if you create a Team for this Competition.


Part-Time Pirates RC2020


Invitation sent


Invitation accepted! :grin:


And Here, somewhat belatedly, is the Match Report!
The inaugural match of the Rygas Cup on FUMBBL saw some ‘interesting’ weather.
The game started in the Sweltering Heat with Stilleto fielding the ball under a High Kick and, after some pushing around of Catchers by the Handbags, handing it off to 4X2 who advanced into the Pirates half with a protective screen. The Pirates pressured the front Handbags, but couldn’t break through the screen. Gladrag LBD came up to help out and Breezeblock Blitzed and Dodged her way into the Endzone. 4X2 likewise got a bit Dodgy and threw for the Touchdown.
The heat really didn’t favor the Elves, who lost 3/11 whilst the Pirates only lost 2/12. As soon as the ball was kicked, the weather changed and abruptly started Pouring it down with Rain.
After 4 knockdowns on the LOS, Marino Dan had no problem picking up the ball on his second attempt despite its slipperiness.
Despite pressuring the ball and some localised application of numbers the Elves couldn’t stop Marino launching a Pass to Travelsick Trev who strolled over for the equaliser.
2 scores in the first quarter of the game!
The next kickoff saw the Pirates catch the Elves flat footed with a Perfect Defense so Stilleto chose to stay deep with the ball, unfortunately for Handbags and Gladrags although they knocked some Humans over, no real damage was done and they ended the turn with a Both Down from LBD which only broke his armour. The Pirates spent the next turn consolidating their defence and were then handed a golden opportunity when early in Handbags next turn Velvet Cloak tripped up and injured himself. The Pirates refused to be drawn though and merely dealt with the now lone deep player Tux. Handbags switch play stalled on a failed handoff and they were rewarded with losing Clawhammer Jacket to a Badly Hurt. Housebrick managed to BH Travelsick Trev in return, but then failed a GFI herself to end the turn and the Elves chance of scoring again. The Humans attempted to capitalise on their mid-field man advantage, but the only Bonehead failure of the match by Doubleskull N Crossbonehead didn’t help and the half ended without further damage.
The Second Half started with the Elves only managing to field 9 players and the Humans at the full 11. The kickoff saw the Weather change again, and the match was now being played in a Blizzard!
Marino Dan picked up the ball and stayed deep but the LOS hits produced only knockdowns. This did allow Seasick Steve to become a scoring threat though. He was rewarded by the tender attention of Stilleto and suffered a KO. The Pirates set up a loose cage and sent both Cabin Boys downfield. Stiletto failed to do the business and both Boys proceeded to dodge out of the Tackle Zones to free themselves up. The Elves continued pressuring the cage but the lack of numbers was beginning to show, hardly helped when Stilleto was Knocked Out making a hole for Merino Dan to Hand Off to Roger, who used his catch skill to hold on the the ball, then strolled over for a TD, 2-1 Pirates.
The Elves were now down to 8, Stilletto still not recovered, when it ‘Turned out Nice Again’ the weather changing yet again to Nice!
Handbags were getting a little anxious to score and set up a half cage in the Pirates half after a throw from Fur Stole to Breezeblock, but couldn’t complete the screen after White Suit tripped whilst dodging. This allowed Voidbeard to Blitz the ball, but 4X2 managed to catch the drop. With the ball surrounded a failed Blitz by Housebrick left things looking bad for the Elves on Turn 6 of the half. Marino Dan knocked down the ball carrier and Long Bomb Silver recovered the ball, leaving Handbags now trying to prevent a 3-1 loss.
A last ditch attempt by the Elves to steal the ball came to nothing, and the match ended at 2-1 Pirates.


Morning all. Just heard about the cup going onto FUMBBL and wondered if it is still possible to join in? Would be great if it was. Pete


Hi Pete, good to hear from you. Hope you and your family are keeping well.

We are using a more flexible league format this year so it is still possible for you to join in. The link to the league on FUMBBL is here:
Once you’ve set up your team let us know and we can make sure its added to the league. :slight_smile:


Yes, we’re all good thanks. Hope things are with you too.

I’ve setup a team - Skaven (

Haven’t played for a long long time so I am hoping their movement gets me out of the trouble that I’ll inevitably get myself into.


Invitation sent. If you get an invitation to the Rygas Lockdown League flash up ignore it. That was a mistake :slight_smile:


Thanks Santa. Invitation accepted.

How do we go about arranging games?


Mainly through PM on here for me so far. I have had a game against Dopey and have one upcoming against Clarkey