Blood Bowl Season 9



Well its nearly that time of year again, the Rygas Roughnecks Blood Bowl League (RRBBL) will be starting again at the end of January! Last year was great with a number of new coaches and I hope with the new edition of the game released we can continue this.

We will be running the league through the OBBLM again as that seemed to work for most people and saved me a lot of time and effort. All the teams from the new game plus the legacy teams are permitted, including Slann, and we will also be using all the star players from the CRP and Wizards as an inducement option. Piling On (using the FAQ’d version) will also be allowed.

Extra rules for this league: You always get a minimum of 30k for winnings (after applying modifiers to the dice roll). A variation of this has proved popular in previous leagues.

Special Play Cards: At the start of each match, each Coach gets one special play card from either the Random Events, Magical Memorabalia or Heroic Feats decks to use during the game (draw 2 and choose the one you want to keep). Additional cards can be bought as inducements for 50,000gps. Miscellaneous Mayhem cards can be bought for 150,000gps. Winterbowl cards may also be used if you have a set for their respective costs. The old cards from the CRP can also be used for now as well.

Coaches will have 1,000,000 to spend on their starting teams as usual. If you want to take part please post below with your team name and race. Games will take place every 2 weeks according to a fixture list that will be drawn up before the league starts. If you think it will be impossible to play your fixtures on a regular basis please think carefully before committing yourself. Matches can be played outside of the club if that makes it easier to fulfil your fixtures. Each coach will play each other once, and depending on how many coaches take part we may split teams into multiple groups. After the group-stages there will be a semi-final and final, and possibly quarter finals too.

The same scoring system will be used as before, which for those of you who are unfamiliar with it is:
Win = 30pts
Draw = 14pts
Loss = 6pts
+1pt per TD scored
+1pt per Casualty inflicted (only Casualties that would earn SPP’s count for this)
-1 for each TD conceded
No team can score more than 36pts or less than 0pts per game.

Any questions on how the league works or how some of the new rules changes should be incorporated please post below.

Jonathan, League Commissioner

Coach List
Santa - Amazons
Dave O - Undead
Jonathan - Humans
Tom - Chaos
James - Nurgle
Jim - Lizardmen
Dopey - Orcs
DrDeath - Lizardmen
Cameron - Halflings
Gareth - Orcs

Link to OBBLM:


I’m in with the Durty Gurlz Amazons.


Me please, gravestone cowboys, undead.


Added you both to the list! I’ll be using the Altdorf Villains (Humans), although may switch to High Elves if we get a lot of Human players.


I’m in. Chaos or Skaven for me.


Great news, I’m in. Thinking of going with Nurgle


I’m with you too, I’ll eneter my Lizardmen, InGen Interceptors


Count me in with orcs - the Flash Blitz Freebooterz

Might get a bit tight around the wedding, but should be ok…

On that note, we should get things moving as soon as we can so that I can sort out any OBBLM issues early doors.


Whoops! Left my Blood Bowl stuff in Bath…

… This may be tricky to rectify… :frowning:


I genuinely missed the capitalisation on Bath first time I read that and thought you a very odd gentleman.


I also thought his Orcs had gone down the plughole the first time I read it too…

Dopey - I don’t know if and when you will be able to recover your Orcs, but feel free to borrow mine for the duration of the league if interested.:slight_smile:


Thanks for the offer but I’m heading back at the weekend now, so all should be sorted :slight_smile:


Dopey are you sure you’re not just saying that as an excuse to buy another copy of the game :slight_smile:

PS: I have a few of the Orc Star Players if you want to borrow them for the tournament. It’s Varag and the 2 Goblins)


hehe nah, just saving up for Grak and Crumbleberry :open_mouth:


I’m in too, just painted up some lizardmen and itching to use them :slight_smile:


Firstly - All remember to sign up! I think Jonathan is looking to finalise the setup in the next week or so, so inform Jonathan ASAP if you’d like to partake.

Secondly, you may have seen that NAF have updated their OBBLM with the new rules. I’m holding off applying the update to our OBBLM until after the Rygas Cup. Partly because I have already started adding the new rules to our code independently (and differently). Also as they stand, applying the updates will change existing teams and leagues.

I’ll be working on adding the new version of the code to an “offline” copy of our code. When working, this version will be implemented after the Rygas Cup.


Yes, just a reminder that I need confirmation of people taking part and the teams they will be using by next Wednesday (25th January), as I would like to make the draw then so we can start matches the following week.

Also, I have made a decision on Special Play cards. In short, everyone gets a new Random Event card for free at the start of the match, other cards can be bought as normal (see first post for full details).


Ok my lizardmen will be the Kennford Kraits. As we have three orc teams please tell me at least one will represent Burnthouse Lane :slight_smile:


Nurgle would probably be more fitting :stuck_out_tongue:
If one does though, I would feel duty bound to uphold the honour of Rifford Road with the Durty Gurlz :grin:


Ok Folks! You can now input teams for the Rygas Cup!

Go to:

Login (click login and then Register if you need an account)

Then go: User Menu > Create a New Team

Select Rygas Cup from the League/Division drop down menu

You need to select 11 players before you click the Create button.

Other than that, you don’t have to buy everything (you can use the team management panel as normal).

Dopey #

Contact me with any problems (rrbbl related problems :))