Blood Bowl Season 9



I’ve registered my team and put up a short bio. Player names may change based on January Transfer window activity.:smiley:

One thing to point out, I had to change the name of my team slightly as I already had another team with the same name registered in the OBBLM, so if you are re-using an old team name you may need to adjust your team name or possibly edit the name of your previous team so it can be accepted.


Yeah - I always add a tag to my old teams that I may re-cycle.


The “Part-Time Pirates”

have become

The “Part-Time Pirates RC16”


OK team added, I think. tombstone cowboys.


Yep, your team is in Dave :slight_smile:


I should point out, that some of the new skills don’t show up.

Two off the top of my head are Timmmmbbbeerrrr and Weeping Daggers. Don’t worry though, because you will be able to use these skills (if relevant) in your games.


Thanks Gents, I’ve put my team in.

Going back to my original plan to play with Nurgle.

Spoke to Ben (@ratvelvet) yesterday, unfortunately he can’t make the commitment to Wednesdays at the moment, so will not be signing up to the league this year.


Hmmm it’s saying my team name is illegal and won’t let me create a team :frowning:


Sorted it, apparently I needed to put “the” in front of my team name


Yeah - You already have a team called the “InGen Interceptors”. If you want your new team to be called that, then you have to rename your old team e.g. “InGen Inteceptors WL16”


Rygas Durty Gurlz 17 are now up (giggity)


The Horny Ball Grabbers are up on RRBBL.


ill be using halflings


With thanks to Santa for acting as independent observer, I can now let you know the first round of fixtures:

Tom vs Dopey
Dave O vs DrDeath
Jim vs Cameron
Santa vs Gareth
Jonathan vs James

Games to be played over the next 2 club nights (although feel free to start as soon as the fixtures are in the OBBLM). I’ll get the full league fixture list posted soon. A reminder that if your team isn’t in the OBBLM yet to get it on there as soon as possible (contact myself or Dopey if you are having problems).

@Dopey - can the OBBLM generate the fixtures from the first round matches, or do you need me to give you a full list?


@DrDeath, I cannot get to the club next Wednesday and I am committed the Wednesday after. I can host a game at my house any day you like. Let me know what’s good for you.


Hi Jonathan,

I can generate the fixtures no problem. I just need to know one piece of information: How many pools this year? I assume one?


Dopey #


Excellent. Yes it is just the one pool, wasn’t worth splitting it into 2 groups of 5.


Update. I’ve put up all of the week one fixtures bar one - Gareth needs to enter a team.

Is it definite that there are no more takers? If so, I’ll put the remaining fixtures up.



I’ve messaged Gareth about adding his team. I have spoken to most the people who took part last year and any other Blood Bowl players I could get hold of so I think that will be everyone for this year.


Good stuff :slight_smile:


Hi David, thanks for the update - would probably be best to play sometime in the second week as I’m off to the Welsh Open this weekend. I’ll check the diary next week and we can set a time then - look forward to he game :slight_smile: