Blood Bowl Season 9



Awesome, looking forward to it…


Cam when do fancy our game? I can do the 8th but can’t do the 1st :frowning:


Hi All,

I’ve put all the fixtures up :

Please could you check through to see if I’ve made any mistakes?

I’ve used Schurig Paring again to balance the home and away games. This currently has no in-game effects, but helps with the storytelling / fluff. Some teams have 5 home games; others have 4.

The paring table I used is here (initialised from the random draw that Jonathan and Santa did):


Jim I’ll be fine for the 8 th



Remember to sign up to Blitzmania if you want your Rygas Cup matches to “double count” for Blitzmania.

Kirton are hosting Blitzmania :slight_smile:



Cool see you on the 8th then :slight_smile:


Santa/Gareth - I don’t think you have recorded the casualties from your game properly in the OBBLM, as you don’t have any casualty bonuses included in your league points totals. Could you please review and update (or let me know what it should be and I’ll make the changes).


Looks good to me.
Gareth has #9 and #10 both with +2 SPP for their injuries caused and I have Anymone on 2SPP


Yeah. So the important thing to remember here is that in addition to filling out the casualties for the players, you have to fill out the “Total team CAS” near the top.


…which I have now done, 2 CAS for Gareth and 1 for Santa. If you don’t fill it in, your casualty bonus points won’t show up on the league table (even if you did record the SPP’s for each player).


Whoopsy :slight_smile:


Hi David,

Would Thursday evening be ok, say about 6-6.30 after work? Tuesday is the wife’s birthday so out for me. Look forward to the game :wink:



Ben, I am in Birmingham on business on Thursday. It is due to finish at 16:30, which would mean I am available from 19:00; however there is every chance it could over-run.
We have two options, we can either go for a 19:30 start or change nights, I am also available tonight and Friday night.
Let me know your thoughts.


Hi David, Ok let’s go for Friday then, expect you’d be a bit knackered after a meeting in Birmingham! Could go for say 630 again, or even earlier if you’re free - have early morning and noon bird surveys so should finish work and get back to Exeter by about 4pm


Great, 18:30 Friday it is then. I can host.


Great look forward to playing tomorrow David! Don’t know your address though - can you post it or PM it here, or otherwise suggest a meeting point nearby? Will bring a couple of beers :wink:


Tom, you are my second game. Do you wish to play next week?


Regarding the new special play cards - Magical Memorabilia and Heroic Feats - I have decided these can both be taken either as inducements or as your one free card at the start of the game. If taken as inducements they cost 50,000gps.


If you can sort that, then it increases my chances of sorting out our Round 3, Dave :wink:


Sounds like a plan!