Blood Bowl Season 9



#BottomOfTheLeague … just setting things up for a post-wedding come back :wink: #FairyTale


Hey dude, are you able to play are round 2 game next week in the club (22 Feb?)


Hi Jim, next Wednesday should be fine - will be ready to play c. 6.30pm. Btw the kroxigor isn’t quite extinct - Rexy is looking forward to meeting your little sauri and skinks :wink: (hopefully he won’t spend half the game basking in the sun this time XD)


A very minor change to the league rules, but I have decided that to make the free special play card more useful to both players you should draw 2 at the start of each match from your chosen deck and then choose one to keep. Hopefully that should stop one player getting a card that is near useless whilst the other player gets a decent one. If you buy them as inducements you don’t draw any extra ones.


Okay, so…

  1. Changing the rules when the League is already up and running. Is this really a good idea?
  2. When does this take effect? From round 2. Which some have played and some have not; or from round 3?

  1. Normally I wouldn’t, but it really is a very minor change (a clarification as much as anything else). There were people asking me about it last night about how many cards should be drawn so I decided to go with this option. Drawing extra cards and discarding some is a feature of the new rules (which I had forgotten about) so it makes sense to include it if we are trying to phase in as many new rules as possible. By making it part of the league rules it should ensure we are all doing it the same way.
  2. We all used it for Round 2 last night so it takes effect from the current round onwards.


Excellent see you on Wednesday then :slight_smile:


I’ve realised that I haven’t covered above what happens in the event of coaches being unable to fulfil league fixtures, and some people may not be familiar with how it worked in previous years. Also, the new rules means there are some changes/clarifications. Note that these league rules cover being unable to fulfil fixtures. If a coach concedes mid-game, follow the concession rules from p25 of Death Zone Season 1.

Concessions (when one coach is unable to play a fixture)
If one player is unable to make either club night that a fixture was due to take place on, and their opponent was available for at least one of those nights, then they will have to concede the match to their opponent. The conceding player gets a 2-0 loss with no casualties inflicted is recorded against them and the post-match sequence is adjusted as follows:
The Winner gets 2 MVP’s, one generated normally by choosing 3 players and rolling a D3, the other generated randomly by rolling a D16. This second MVP cannot go to Journeymen, Star Players, or players that would have missed that game. The Winner also gets two sets of winnings, one rolled as if they were the Winner (i.e. D6+1, re-rolling if desired), the other rolled as if they were the Loser (D6, no re-roll). Both sets of winnings are subject to the minimum 30k winnings league rule.
If they are conceding for the first time in the league, the Loser gets a randomly generated MVP using a D16 (as above) and losers winnings. They also roll to see if there Fan Factor goes down. This will all be taken care of by the League Commissioner if the player is not present. For second and subsequent concessions, the loser gets no MVP or winnings and their Fan Factor automatically goes down by 1. In either case, they do not have to roll for Expensive Mistakes, regardless of how much money they have in their treasury.

Abandoned Matches (when both coaches are unable to play a fixture)
If both players are unable to play a fixture during the period it is due, or if both players are available but on different club nights, then the match will count as abandoned. This is recoded a 0-0 draw with no casualties inflicted. Both players randomly generate an MVP, using a D16, and both get D6x10,000 winnings as if it was a draw and with no FAME bonus. Both players then roll to see if their Fan Factor goes up or down as if it were a normal draw result. Neither player has to roll for Expensive Mistakes. If one or both coaches are unavailable this may be done by the League Commissioner (with another coach to verify).

Blitzmania special play cards
Several coaches have access to the Blitzmania special play cards and a few of them have been asking me if they could be used or not. For those that aren’t aware of them, they are designed to be added to the two card decks that come in the new boxed game. Having looked at them and used them in non-league games, I have come to the following decision:
ALLOWED: Blitzmania Mania (Random Events); They Think It’s All…Ogre?! (Random Events); Pampered Players (Miscellaneous Mayhem).
DISALLOWED: Heel Turn (Miscellaneous Mayhem); It’s All To Play For (Miscellaneous Mayhem).

If any coach has any strong feelings about this, please let me know. I think we have to be realistic that minor changes like this are going to crop up a lot more in future as we are now using a ruleset that GW are adding to nearly every month, rather than the static ruleset we have been using for years.


In the rulebook this is tiered by highest team value so once your team goes above 1mil I think you cab draw 3 cards and keep two. Are we using this rule or sticking with always draw 2 keep 1?


We’re sticking with draw 2, keep 1.


I’m no expert, but I’m guessing Pampered Players won’t work as it would have to go in the Miscellaneous Mayhem deck (which we are not using)?


Except if bought for 150,000gps I think.




Seems like you experts have this covered :slight_smile:


Hi Folks,

I’m afraid I have to withdraw from the league, a combination of work, toddler care and other family stuff are just making it too difficult to play. Sorry, thought I could make it work but with strict two week periods I’ve already had to concede one game and this is likely to happen again without the opportunity for catchup games. I thought I could play them all at the start or I would not have entered - apologies, I hate it went leagues get unbalanced :confused: Probably best I withdraw now before I unbalance the league any further. Thanks Dave and Jim for two fun games, I will greatly miss playing - hope to have the time next year. Will have to be the odd NAF tournament otherwise - definitely up for Exebowl so hope to see you all then. Enjoy the rest of the league.


Hi Mate,
Sorry I kind of forced the issue with our game, it didn’t feel right somehow, but as I can’t make this Wednesday I had to ask for a ruling.
Hope everything calms down enough for you to resume gaming on Wednesdays soon.


I’m sorry to hear this Ben, but I appreciate that real life has to take priority. I was looking forwards to our game and I’m sure everyone else you were yet to play feels the same.:disappointed:

I hope you will be able to make it along now and then for ad-hoc games of Blood Bowl or tourney practice, and that we see you again before Exebowl.


Unlucky DrDeath… Hope to see you in action soon! :slight_smile:

All - the RRBBL OBBLM is currently down for maintenance. Should be back up this evening.


Ok, I’ve done some surgery on the OBBLM and it should be back up now.

Those that have played Dr Death already have received a 2-0 walkover win… The games themselves have been moved to “Exhibition Games”, so head-to-head records are maintained etc.

The remaining matches against Dr Death have been scheduled vs “Walkover RC17”. This match should be filled in for the appropriate round for your team. You receive a 2-0 win for this game. You get for free 2xMVP, 2xWinnings and a roll to see if your Fan Factor goes up. … Correct me if I am wrong Jonathan.

I’ve had to do a fair bit behind the scenes to get this to work, so let me know if the OBBLM seems to be misbehaving.


Thanks Dopey, I know it’s far from simple to pick apart historical data in OBBLM.