Blood Bowl Season 9



Cheers mate - have to admit I was sweating when I needed to run SQL commands… :cold_sweat:



Good news mate - Destructor also skilled up!

… I’ve also edited your squad numbers! The glyph boyz are 14,15,16



@Santa are you around on the 22nd for our Round 4 game?


I’ve created an @RRBBL group for the current Blood Bowl league so you we can be notified en masse in future.


I am indeed, my Gurlz are looking forward to some Ball Grabbing action :slight_smile:


I have realised that I should have had +1 FF in my round 2 match as it was a draw (and I only had to get 2+ on 2D6). I thought at the time that only a match winner qualified for increased FF. Will it matter in OBBLM if I change it retrospectively?


That should be fine dude.


With coaches completing their games at different rates and others a bit behind, I thought I should clarify the schedule for the remaining rounds:

Round 6 - 12th & 19th April
Round 7 - 26th April & 3rd May
Round 8 - 10th & 17th May
Semi-finals to be complete by 31st May if possible, with the Final to take place as soon after then that both players are available.

Games can take place before their scheduled time as long as the correct sequence of matches is maintained as much as possible.


I may have missed it, but is there a ruling on the Team Titans cards?


I hadn’t even heard of them and had to look them up! When did they come out?!?

I can make a decision when I have had a chance to look at them in detail and compare them to the other decks available.


Hehe they came out several weeks ago! :slight_smile:


Huh, I completely missed them. I’ll have to see if I can get a set.


For ease I’d suggest not allowing them, especially as there isn’t long left in the tournament and we already have a few decks of special play cards to choose from.


Yeah it probably is a bit late to be introducing them. You can still use the cards from the CRP as well giving you plenty to choose from that people are already familiar with.


Awesome :slight_smile: Thanks for the clarification


Another question, are Grak and Crumbleberry legal?


I’m a bit undecided on Grak and Crumbleberry. On the one hand, I don’t like to disallow any ‘official’ rules if possible, on the other hand, they do seem a bit too good for their cost. Grak on his own is worth the cost without taking into account what Crumbleberry adds to a team. The other problem is the Kick Team Mate ability. It’s extremely random but is a lot less likely to cause a turnover than throwing a player, and when the scatter roll goes in your favour its probably more likely to lead to a touchdown being scored.

I would be interested in playing some games with or against them to see how good they can be, but I think without playtesting I can’t allow them into the league for now.


Cool. Dopey has come up with some rules suggestions for them for the rolling league. They all seem good (For example Grak can only kick Crumbleberry and they both have loner). Might eb worth speaking to him as well.

I think Craig was going to use them at the Legionary tournament so will be interested to see how they do. Looks another interesting new star player is coming out soon to…


Ooo… Just noticed that Round 9 is missing from the schedule.


Yeah, I noticed a few days ago it was a round short. Must have got confused because you play 8 games but also have a Walkover making 9 rounds. Amended schedule should look like this:

Round 7 - 26th April & 3rd May
Round 8 - 10th & 17th May
Round 9 - 24th & 31st May
Semi-finals to be complete by 14th June if possible, with the Final to take place as soon after then that both players are available.