Blood Bowl Season 9



Run in for the semis!!

BB: Wow Jim! There are lots of numbers on that table… err what do they mean?

JJ: Yes Bob, there are a lot of numbers and a little too complicated even for me this year.

The Horny Ball Grabbers and the Altdorf Villains have qualified. The Villains will finish top if they beat the Freebooterz in the final game (or draw with a bonus point), otherwise the Grabbers will top the standings.

The Freebooterz look good for qualification although there is still a mathematical chance of them missing out (if they lose heavily to the Villains and one of the chasing pack wins heavily and other results go against them).

The Cowboys and Roughnecks still have destiny in their own hands, but they clash in their game in hand. If either team wins twice, then that team is through. The Cowboys may be able to get away with a draw, but they would then be in a bonus points race with other teams.

The Interceptors, Borders and E-Bowlers are in with a scrap. They need a winner of the Cowboys-Roughnecks to slip up in their final game or (in the case of the Interceptors and Borders) for the Freebooterz to get hammered by the Villains. Even then they are in an almighty scrap with each other for bonus points.

The Durty Gurlz, sadly, are out of the running.

BB: You are boring me Jim, I want to see some BLLLLOOOODDDD BOOOWWWWLLLL!


Nice summary. :smiley: The result of this weeks game has changed it a little, as the Roughnecks can no longer make the play-offs as there is no set of results that would allow them to overhaul all the teams above them (but specifically the Cowboys and Borders, who are playing each other in the final round).

The Cowboys, Interceptors, Borders and E-Bowlers can all theoretically make the play-offs, although some are heavily reliant on a specific set of results going their way. Freebooterz can still theoretically miss out if they lose 3-0 or worse and other results go against them.

I notice most of the teams have a Kick player now, will be interesting to see how that affects the games.


If teams are level on points, what is the tie breaker?


Hi Dave,

Jonathan decreed this as commissioner:

  1. Highest Touchdown difference
  2. Most Total Touchdowns scored + Casualties inflicted
  3. Most Touchdowns scored
  4. Most Casualties inflicted
  5. Least Touchdowns conceded
  6. Win percentage
  7. Head-to-head record
  8. Most Sportsmanship Points accrued

(… although OBBLM is currently incorrectly configured to use Win Percentage first and I need to change that)


So Cameron needed two more TDs to take 4th. A very close league. Good luck to all 4 remaining teams.


Cameron can still qualify, but he needs Jonathan to beat me by 6.

But indeed - it has been a really close League with many twists and turns. To have 5 teams still chasing 2 qually spots in the final week is quite increadible.

Congratulations to Jim and the Interceptors for being the 3rd team to qualify!

Who finishes number one seed and also the final qually spot will be decided next week when the Villians play the Freebooterz. Jonathan needs a draw or a win to top the league; otherwise Tom gets pole position. Freebooterz miss out on qually if they lose by 6; finish 4th if they lose by 5; finish 3rd with anything else. If they lose, then casualties do effectively count as touchdowns for them.

EDIT: The Interceptors and Roughnecks has a casualty each. These were recorded correctly for the players but weren’t added to the Team Cas boxes. I have now done this and the Inteceptors move up to 181 points.

… this is the stuff of nightmares, but if you’d have converted that last drive Dave, it would have been very interesting. You’d have been tied with Jim and also have identical touchdown and casualty records. It would have gone down to win percentage where you’d have qualified by “half a win” ie one draw.


Have I definitely qualified? Still can’t believe it. If that Kroxigor hadn’t have picked up the ball and scored in the last drive things would be very different. To be fair to Gareth he almost scored as well in the first half but got very unlucky with two dice rolls not going his way. I think I just got very lucky on the rolls I needed to make. It could have been a lot closer game score wise.

I noticed Troodon is also the top star player of all time.


Sometimes you get a bit of luck mate, but the important thing is that you converted that luck into the points you needed! :slight_smile:


Previously held by by a War Dancer no less, that’s quite some Skink.


I think he’s going to get an open top bus ride of Exeter in honour of his performance




A very dramatic series of final games by the sounds of things and exactly what I was hoping for when the league started. Wish I’d had more time to just be a spectator. Congratulations to Jim for securing a top 4 spot and commiserations to those who missed out. I will of course be doing my best to help Cameron qualify as well but I think beating Dopey will be challenging enough, let alone handing out a 6-0 thrashing.

I was asked if there will be a play-off for those who didn’t qualify for the play-offs. As far as I’m concerned the final league positions after round 9 are fixed, however if you want to carry on using the same teams and arrange your own ‘Best of the Rest’ play-off feel free to do so.


If people are interested in “Best of the Rest” then let me know so that I can set up OBBLM for you to arrange your own fixtures


The regular fixtures have now concluded and the top 4 places have been decided. The semi-finals will be contested as follows:

Altdorf Villains FC v the InGen Interceptors
Horny Ball Grabbers v Flash Blitz Freebooterz

Matches have to end with a winner so extra-time will be played if necessary and, if its still a draw after that, it goes to the dreaded dice-off. The winners of each semi will of course then play each other in the final to decide who will be the Rygas League Champion, whilst the other two teams can play a 3rd place play-off if both coaches are interested.

I just want to say thank you to everyone else for taking part and doing their best to fulfil all their fixtures. This has been one of the most hotly contested leagues we have had at the club with many of the games being very tight and the competition for the play-offs closer than ever, which I think has made things all the more interesting and has me very excited for next year’s league already.:smiley::clap::football:


Great Stuff Jonathan, many thanks for Commishing!

Apologies @Jonathan that I didn’t have time to finish our game - it was turning into an epic encounter! … Work has been stressful and I was getting increasingly panicked that I needed to get home and rest my brain. I probably should have been clearer that I needed to finish promptly.

Apologies also to @Jonathan, @Jim_Albins, @Nanuek and @Cameron as the early end has probably caused an unknown (but hopefully minor) impact on the semis. Crucially, we’d made it through 3/4 of the game, so it would have been virtually impossible for Jonathan to score 6 more to change the qualifying teams.

I’d recommend starting the semis as soon after 6 as possible in case they go to Overtime.

… probably also Jonathan and I need to have a serious look at our playing speed (I think we are the two slowest players at the club! :slight_smile: )…


Chess clocks!


or amphetamines.


Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit meth amphetamines…

We do have some battery operated stop clocks at the club which we used to use when we were sticking to 4 minute turns for Blood Bowl. We could use them for overtime and perhaps the second half too if a match is running behind schedule.

@Dopey - I think both our brains were quite fried the other night! :smile:


@Dopey are you around on the 14th for our semi final?


@Nanuek, that should be fine mate! Looking forward to it!