Blood Bowl Season 9



@Jonathan, can we use Star Players in the playoffs? Traditionally we have, but DZ1 says no in the league rules section.


To be even handed, let’s do both. Jim can induce them against Jonathan, but you can’t against your opponent. Fair.


I was thinking something along the lines of ‘no star players allowed unless they are called Zug’.

Since DZ1 came out after the league started and this point has been overlooked until now, I will allow star players and mercenaries in the play-offs. I might change it next year, but I think it sounds very harsh on stunty teams that are fortunate enough to make the play-offs.


Many thanks to all the coaches in this years’ Rygas Cup! It’s been very competitive, but still lots of fun! :slight_smile: There have been some really eventful matches.

Congratulations to @Nanuek for defeating my Freebooterz and reaching the Rygas Cup final! I did my best in the semi, but Tom and the Horny Ball Grabbers were simply awesome and I had no answer.

Well played mate and thanks for an enjoyable and well spirited game! :slight_smile:

May Nuffle be with you in the final!

… Chuffed to have made the playoffs after the insane amount off injuries, but Now the Freebooterz and I are looking forward to our Triple Skulls Trophy :skull: :skull: :skull: :trophy: match against @Jim_Albins and the Interceptors :football:


Just to confirm, the Final will be:

Altdorf Villains FC v Horny Ball Grabbers

The 3rd place play off will be played between:

Flash Blitz Freebooterz v the InGen Interceptors

Two very interesting looking games and impossible to pick a favourite for either.:slight_smile:

@Nanuek -Tom, when are you available to play the final? I should be at the club for the next couple of weeks at least and don’t have any other games arranged yet.


How’s the 5th suit you?


Sounds fine to me.


I have printed team sheets.


Good luck boys! Looking forward to spectating on this one! :smiley: My money would have been on the Villains for sure, but the dosh that the Grabbers have squirrelled away could prove decisive



By my calculations I should get up to 360k to throw at the match but I have struggled to make best use of it.

I have opted for:
1 wizard (150k)
1 babe (50k)
Max Spleenripper (130k)

For a total of 330k. I won’t change that now (I’ve already printed the sheet) but I would be interested to know what others would have done.


Based solely on our relative Elo rating I think @Jonathan has a 53% chance of winning. That doesn’t really take into account many variables though.


Yeah the various skill combos and interactions can make a huge difference, I think I had a lot more skill upgrades that you that effectively never got used because the specific situations I picked them for never came up (or the players were off the pitch at the time). Inducements also evened it up, though perhaps didn’t have as big an impact as they could have done.

Anyway, congratulations again Tom for winning the Rygas Cup. I’ll get you back next year!:grin:


Well done @Nanuek and commiserations to @Jonathan

I took a few photos from the match last night:


I think that was right after Tom’s AG4 Beastman failed to pick up the ball on Turn 1, having already burnt his re-roll that turn.:slight_smile:

Not sure what I’m doing wrong but can’t seem to access the link. I pasted it into Google but it didn’t seem to bring anything up that matched.:confused: Any tips?

I’ve updated the list of previous winners and the league rankings for those who are interested, please see attached.
RRBBL History.pdf (231.7 KB)
Rygas Blood Bowl Rankings.pdf (362.0 KB)


If interested, I’ve made a “worm plot” of the teams positions after each round. Freebooterz and Interceptors are yet to play their placing game.

The Grabbers were never lower than second! … and it was basically a two horse race after round 3… the rest of us were fighting it out in the spaghetti! :smiley:


Nice visual representation.:slight_smile: I’d noticed of course that Tom and I spent most of our time fighting for the lead, but I hadn’t realised how consistently we were ahead. The points totals in the table can look very different when you know a rival only needs one decent win at the right time to overtake you.


Many congrats to Jim and the Inteceptors for defeating my Freebooterz 0-1 in an epic game!

The Inteceptors are worthy winners of the Triple Skulls Trophy :skull: :skull: :skull: :trophy: and 3rd place in the Rygas Cup.

Awesome work Jim! :slight_smile:

Full report to follow on OBBLM…


Updated worm plot. Both placing matches crossed making it aesthetically pleasing :wink:


Maybe so, but I’d have preferred it if the purple line had stayed at the top.:wink: