Bloodbowl on the 17th


Anyone fancy either a Perpetual League pre-season match or a one off game on Wednesday?


All existing coaches should now be able to access the Premier League (new coaches will need to sign up):

Login at and select Rygas Roughnecks Premier League from the Dropdown menu. Feel free to sign up one or more teams.

This’ll be a “no commitment” league, so play games as and when you can. You can currently play “Pre-Season” games. The “(Ir)regular Season” will start when the Rygas Cup starts winding down.

Team creation
As rulebook but with all teams allowed.

Special Play Cards
Use “Variant 1” from :
If you wish to use a modified deck, then get the permission of your opponent first. The default case is to use the standard decks.

We are currently in “Pre-Season”. This means the following:

Post Match:
D3 Winnings
No MVPs awarded
All Injuries more severe than “Miss Next Game” are recorded as Miss Next Game.

Recording Results
Have a pop at using the Ladder Points calculator linked from the League’s main page.
Ladder points will be reset when the Irregular Season starts.

… More detailed information on the Premier League will be released after Death Zone 2 has become available.