Bloodbowl Perpetual League game on 24th


Anyone up for a game on the 24th?


Yup, I offer up my Slann for another pummelling. As long as you don’t mind the human proxies? Looks like my frogs may be a while.


Yup, proxies are fine. I will give you the choice of which of my teams you would like to face, you can have a pumped up DElf team, a reasonable Human team, an Underworld team with 1 Storm Vermin MNG or Lizards with no Krox and a Journey Skink :slight_smile:
They are all on RRBBLM for your delight and delectation.


Let’s give your Storm Vermin it’s sick leave then and put it’s team mates to work. I’ll see if I can schedule the match.


Cool. I do still have a Blodgestep Storm Vermin though :slight_smile:


Just went to print out the match sheet and realised that you need to add 2 Journeymen to bring you back up to 11 players. Can you print a game sheet out after you’ve done it?


Just as a point of clarity:

Note that you are not required to add Journeymen if you don’t want to. Although it is often a good idea, you may for example choose not to and thus have extra money in your inducements pot (or lower your opponents inducement pot).