Board game clearance


Hi all,

I’m looking to clear some room in my games room for some new toys. I’ve posted a list on Facebook at I’ve reproduced the post below.

If any of you guys are interested in any of these items, I am happy to bring them in next week. Just let me know.


Board Game Clearance

I’m looking to make room for new toys so I’m offering the following games up for sale. Some are rare out of print items. Prices reflect condition and general value.

A Distant Plain £40 GMT COIN game set in current day Afganistan
7 Wonders 1st ed. £15 HAVE OFFER
Descent Journeys in the Dark 2nd Ed. £50 NOW SOLD
Mansions of Madness 2nd Ed £60 SOLD
Victory Games’ Ambush and Ambush: Move Out £50
Cruel Necessity Solitaire game £15
Avalon Hill’s Panzer Blitz £20
221b Bakers Street £12 Sherlock Holmes Game
Talisman 1st ed. £15
Advanced Squad Leader Starter Kit #1 £15
Space Hulk 2009 ed. £45
Axis & Allies 1987 ed. £15
Smash Up £10 HAVE OFFER

If you are interested and have questions, feel free to ask.

I’m happy to deliver to Broken Dice Gaming Group meeting this week on Tues 22 November or to Rygas Roughnecks this Wednesday 23rd. Otherwise, postage runs £7 through Collect+.


would be interested in 7 wonders and smash up, what condition are they in?


Hi Cameron

7 Wonders- the box is a bit scuffed but the components are in very good shape. The cards are all sleeved and have been since purchase, but the sleeves are a bit worn.

Smash Up is nearly new and thus in excellent condition. However, I have a taker on it who is supposedly buying it on Tuesday. If I have it on Wednesday night, you can have it.


I wouldnt be at rygas on wed so id be popping down on tuesday to pick it up


That works fine for me. I’ll have 7 Wonders for you and if the buyer for Smash Up decides against the purchase, it’ll be yours.


Can I get the Space Hulk please? Will be at Rygas this weds.


I have just had another offer on Space Hulk that I have accepted before seeing your message. If that falls through I’ll bring it on Wednesday.