Casual 40k game , 1500pts , 26th sept


casual relaxed game of 40k , 1500 pts, on the 26th ? still getting use to 8th ed rules, Imperial guard Mordians or Valhallan ice warriors.
Simon the RatKing


Hi there! I’d be up for a very casual 1500pt game. I’m still relatively new to the rules as a whole as I only started playing in the last few months.

I’ve got a tau army if that works for you. Still need to constantly look up stats and stratagems, so hopefully that’s not too annoying?



great ! just coming back to the game after a few years, (been playing on and off since it came out ) , never fought Tau ! will be interesting. very unsure of 8th ed rules (only just got use to 7th) , imperial guard are regarded as the lemmings of 40k. nice relaxing game, ill get in early and set up tables etc.
don’t do competitive , just do fun.
simon rat catcher extraordinaire