Cheap 40k Build + Paint kits in “This Is It”


Hi guys,

Just to say I was just in “This Is It” in Exeter Centre looking for bits for my Yondu costume when I stumbled on these heavily reduced Build + Paint 40k kits.

I’m a bit out of touch but:

Would make for a good Ork Kill Team?

Also the Termies and Land Speeder are cheap.

Land Speeder £7…

5xTermies + Dreadnaght £12 in total



Might be usable for Kill Team, depends a lot on how easy it is to incorporate Bikes and vehicles.

I noticed this when I was in that store looking for kids presents a while ago but they weren’t as heavily discounted then. Definitely looks like some good deals there if you want to bulk out an Ork or Marine army, with the caveat that some of the models (particularly the Ork ones) are a bit dated or have been replaced by newer, better versions.