Clearout - Big job lot of 40k / Necromunda Terrain and 6 by 4 Modular board [Also some random bits like Warhammer Ancient Battles and Deadzone]


Hi guys,

I’m looking to get rid of all my sci fi terrain as I don’t really play any 40k anymore. I’ve spent loads of time building and painting some of this but I just never use it so would like to get rid and hopefully someone else can make better use.

I’d like to get rid of everything at once and I’m looking for £200 for the lot (Or nearest offer)

Everything pictured is included but any questions please let me know.

Photos in the Album below:

Photo Album

Ideally would have someone come collect it (I’m in Exeter - EX2 7FP) or I can bring to the club

Thanks for reading,



speek to the commity mate the club may have that terrain off you


World like it gone this week, I’ll pop on ebay if no interest