Club AGM - Wednesday 21st February


Dear Members,

The committee have decided to hold the next Rygas Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 21st February.

For those of you who have not attended an AGM at the club before, we usually ask members to stop gaming at around 7pm so we can all get together for half an hour to discuss the current status and future direction of the club. All members are encouraged to participate, regardless of whether they have been coming for several years or a few weeks. Additionally, this will be a FREE night and no subs will be collected, so please come and get involved.

Below are a few topics that will be discussed on the night:

  • Accounts summary
  • Do we want to actively recruit?
  • How should we welcome visitors and new members
  • Social media: is the forum cutting it? Are there alternatives / additions?
  • Scenery / Terrain: is it what you want?

If anyone has any further topics they want to add to the agenda, please post them below.

Please refrain from discussing these on the forum as much as possible as we want the main discussion to take place on the night when everyone can get involved.

Jonathan (Club Chairman)



I’m not going to be here for the AGM unfortunately, so I’ll just chuck my comments here.

  • I don’t think we need to actively recruit, although we could maybe make ourselves more visible/easier to find.
  • I do think we could do with a better way to welcome visitors/potential new members. If not a formal/official thing then it could be as simple as making sure to chat to any lost/confused looking people when they come in and introducing them to a few people that play whatever system they’re interested in.
    A lot of us have been members for ages, so that new-member experience will have long past from memory. Not to put anyone on the spot, but some of the newer recruits are likely to have a better idea of the strengths/weaknesses with the system as it stands.
  • I’m liking the forum as-is.
  • I mentioned in another thread that we’re probably due another sort-out for scenery. I’ve got some 45L plastic boxes that I don’t need anymore that the club could have for the terrain. They’re quite a lot smaller than the ones we currently use, but might do for about a table’s worth of terrain.
    The actual scenery itself is all good, don’t think we’re desperate for anything.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts on these issues Scotty.

If anyone else has opinions on the agenda for the AGM but won’t be around on the night feel free to share your opinions here so we can take them into account at the meeting.


Just a reminder that tonight is the AGM so if you have any thoughts, either on the points raised above or in general, the committee would love to hear them.


Thanks to all who were able to attend and participate in the AGM this week, it was good to talk things over and get your opinions on some issues.

A brief summary of the agenda and some of the points discussed:

Accounts Summary
Dave O went through the accounts and summarised the expenditure over the last year. Currently we need 14 attendees per night paying full subs to break even, and the club is currently averaging 19.27 per week. As agreed at the last AGM, Dave has been buying new stuff for the club to run the funds down. The current balance is £573.04. The club agreed this could be reduced further though no rush to do so, and there are plans to spend more on terrain and boxes to put it in.

Do we want to actively recruit?
It was agreed there wasn’t a need to do this, as currently we are getting one or two new members a month which is enough to keep the club expanding at a steady rate. Also, if we get too many new members gaming space may become an issue. Jim stated we could get a free advert in Tabletop Gaming Magazine. Jonathan will look into this and draft something for approval.

How should we welcome visitors and new members?
It was agreed that its up to all club members to speak to new people and ask them what game systems they play, etc, particularly if someone is standing on the sidelines looking lost. This is particularly likely at the start of the night before games start when long-term members are usually gathered around in their own group conversations, which can be intimidating for new members to interrupt and introduce themselves. Some still felt that a dedicated meeter/greeter would be helpful, and that it should ideally be one of the committee. Simon put himself forwards for this. Several members agreed to deputise for him on weeks he wasn’t here including Fred, Ethan, Jim, Rich, Dopey and Oakely.

Social Media: is the forum cutting it? Are there alternatives/additions?
A large group of members were in favour of using facebook to replace the forum. Many other members though felt that the forum was still useful, even if it’s primarily just for arranging games. A separate page similar to Kirton Games’ player hub could be created in facebook for this. Some also mentioned the use of Snapchat groups, but this is not ideal as members have to be invited in and not everyone has devices that support it. For similar reasons, it could be worth keeping both the forum and the facebook page as different formats will attract different members and whilst it has a wide reach not everyone wants to engage with facebook.

A show of hands revealed that over half present visit the forum at least once a week, but very few regularly visited the facebook page, or only did so when an update was posted. It was agreed that more could be done with the page so an admin should check the settings to see if it can be made more accessible, whilst Dodge and Oakley are to be added as contributors so we have more people that can add content to the page.

Scenery / Terrain: is it want you want?
Less discussion on this as we wanted to bring the meeting to a close. The club is in the process of purchasing more 40k terrain, the main issue is having time to assemble/paint it. The possibility of having a terrain-making competition was raised, but we have experienced issues with this in the past as members can get a bit upset when their painstakingly crafted terrain piece gets destroyed a couple of weeks later. Dave O also advised that he doesn’t want to spend any more club money on GW terrain, as it has of lot of spiky bits that break off very easily. Once we have updated the clubs 40k terrain, we will be looking into stuff for Age of Sigmar. The possibility of the club getting more gaming mats, specifically for Imperial Assault which is seeing a lot of play again, was brought up. Dave O said he would look into this.

This is a broad summary of everything that was discussed as best I can remember it. If you were there and think I missed anything important, please comment below. Also, if you weren’t able to make it to the AGM and have comments on the above I would love to hear from you.:slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for the summary Jonathan. I would be sad if the forum went because I will not use Facebook and would end up dropping out of touch even more if that happened.

If you need anyone to build scenery I am happy to offer some help on there.


Well we’ve no immediate plans to get rid of the forum. Currently we’re just planning to monitor forum usage and see how it develops. My preference would be to keep both as with more platforms we can reach a wider range of people.

Thanks for the offer of help with terrain. I have several 40k pieces at home that are broken or unpainted, I’ll see if I can pick a few out if you want to do some work on them. :smiley:


Sure, I will be in this week.


There seemed to be a lot of awesome options for getting shirts printed.

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