Club AGM - Wednesday 21st February


Dear Members,

The committee have decided to hold the next Rygas Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 21st February.

For those of you who have not attended an AGM at the club before, we usually ask members to stop gaming at around 7pm so we can all get together for half an hour to discuss the current status and future direction of the club. All members are encouraged to participate, regardless of whether they have been coming for several years or a few weeks. Additionally, this will be a FREE night and no subs will be collected, so please come and get involved.

Below are a few topics that will be discussed on the night:

  • Accounts summary
  • Do we want to actively recruit?
  • How should we welcome visitors and new members
  • Social media: is the forum cutting it? Are there alternatives / additions?
  • Scenery / Terrain: is it what you want?

If anyone has any further topics they want to add to the agenda, please post them below.

Please refrain from discussing these on the forum as much as possible as we want the main discussion to take place on the night when everyone can get involved.

Jonathan (Club Chairman)



I’m not going to be here for the AGM unfortunately, so I’ll just chuck my comments here.

  • I don’t think we need to actively recruit, although we could maybe make ourselves more visible/easier to find.
  • I do think we could do with a better way to welcome visitors/potential new members. If not a formal/official thing then it could be as simple as making sure to chat to any lost/confused looking people when they come in and introducing them to a few people that play whatever system they’re interested in.
    A lot of us have been members for ages, so that new-member experience will have long past from memory. Not to put anyone on the spot, but some of the newer recruits are likely to have a better idea of the strengths/weaknesses with the system as it stands.
  • I’m liking the forum as-is.
  • I mentioned in another thread that we’re probably due another sort-out for scenery. I’ve got some 45L plastic boxes that I don’t need anymore that the club could have for the terrain. They’re quite a lot smaller than the ones we currently use, but might do for about a table’s worth of terrain.
    The actual scenery itself is all good, don’t think we’re desperate for anything.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts on these issues Scotty.

If anyone else has opinions on the agenda for the AGM but won’t be around on the night feel free to share your opinions here so we can take them into account at the meeting.


Just a reminder that tonight is the AGM so if you have any thoughts, either on the points raised above or in general, the committee would love to hear them.