Club Reopening 21st July


Good news everyone! The club will be reopening on Wednesday 21st July.

To help keep everyone safe, in these grimdark times we have the following advice:

  • Ventilation - we will keep the doors open as far as is possible. May get draughty.
  • Masks - Please bring these with you and use them when moving around or in close proximity to others (unless exempt). When sat playing games, these can be removed.
  • Whilst we are not making it mandatory, we would encourage everyone to make use of the the Covid rapid lateral flow (or antigen) tests. NHS tests are available for free from all pharmacies or you can order online and are very easy to use. The NHS guidance is that these should be used twice a week. We will not be checking that you have had these tests, but they are a helpful tool, free and easy, so there is no reason not to.

Thank you for your patience during our enforced closure. We hope to see many of you again soon.