Dare you face the Forces of the Serpents of Verdigris? (27th June)



Would any like to play my fiancee’s Death Guard army 1,500pts on the 27th June?


Hi Kunileman,
I’m up for a game on the 27th. I’ll bring 1500pts of Blood Angels.
What kind of game are you guys looking for? Fluffy? competitive?



Rhiannon prefers more fluffy games, she likes writing stories with her armies more then winning, not that she does not appreciate a win sometimes. So not too competitive, she also not running any super-heavies, so no Imperial Knight or Baneblades would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Thanks Tom (her fiance).


Hi Tom and Rhiannon,

Great. I don’t have any super-heavies so that’s easy to not do. I will probably have lots of assaulty units because Blood Angels.
Fluffy story-wise I imagine the Nobel Blood Angels striking planetside to break the diseased hold on the poor infested planet that the foul Death Guard hare tainted with their putrescent presence!
(or something like like :slight_smile: )
See youse on the 27th