Death army for sale


Hey guys

I am selling my death army as I just don’t have the hobby time to use it. It’s a mix of painted and base coated stuff.

I was hoping to get about £120 as I’ve spent about £210 on it all

Tomb banshee - tabletop standard
cairn wraith - tabletop standard
vampire lord with wings conversion - primed grey
vampire lord conversion (counts as isabella von carstein) - basic tabletop standard
vampire lord on abyssal terror conversion (with magnetised wings) - primed beige
6 spirit hosts - tabletop standard
20 skeletons with swords - tabletop standard
mourngul - tabletop standard
5 blood knights (converted from dragon princes) - primed red
mortis engine (not fully assembled, some parts still on sprues)

1820 points total (I think!)

If you want any more pictures please let me know


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