Death Zone Season Two


This is definitely an interesting read. There are lots of optional League rules.

There are also some interesting things I noticed on my first flick through:

  • Some new star players: the new “Zara” looks a steal at 220k
  • Gobbos get some love with two extra positionals: Doom Diver and Ooligan
  • Extra coaching staff


Yeah, lots of interesting stuff in there which I’m still working through. Renegade Orc Lineman for Chaos Renegades is another nice new addition.

We could use the Perpetual League to try out stadiums, coaching staff, sponsorship, etc before the next Rygas League.


Totally missed the renegade Orc lineman!


I see that Ugroth Bolgrot seems to have gone as well, he’s been replaced by a Troll ‘Ripper Bolgrot’


They both exist in CRP :slight_smile:


NAF meeting up on Sunday to discuss it all


Yeah, but Ripper is just down as Ripper and Ugroth isn’t in Death Zone. Mind you, neither is Zara :slight_smile:


Also they make reference to the mix up in the fluff! GDub sense of humour returning?!


NAF have made some rulings on Death Zone 2 :


That’s good, seems the recommendations were pretty much what I was expecting.

Combined with the NAF’s rulings on Death Zone 1 and BB2016, we probably need to make some adjustments to the rulespack for ExeBowl 4. I know what I want it to contain, just need to find a straightforward way of wording it. At the moment it basically says ‘use CRP’ which would mean overpriced Human Catchers and no Guffle Pussmaw, among other things.


This could be useful: especially the NAF Tournament Rules