Events at Kirton in July & August


Hello all,

Just another quick round up of events coming up at Kirton Games over the next few months!

This weekend, Saturday 30th June we have our first Necromunda tournament taking place, itll be a fun and friendly event suitable for beginners as well as experienced hands, plenty of space available still!.

On Saturday 7th July we’ll be playing host to two scheduled events, with our quartlery store championship for Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire taking place all day - this is the one with the shiny Shadeglass trophy!

Plus in the afternoon we’ll have our Magic the Gathering: 2019 Core Set Pre-Release event if you enjoy your card games!

On Saturday 14th July we’ll be returning to the age of the Horus Heresy with our Rites of War Campaign Day.

On Sunday 15th July we’re hosting an X-Wing Warm Up tournament as we get to our season of Store Championships for FFG Star Wars titles.

Then on Saturday 21st July we begin them properly with the Star Wars Armada Championship!

This is followed on Saturday 28th July with our X-Wing Championship, this is currently sold our, so express your interest to get on the reserve list!

We then have our Imperial Assault Championship on Saturday August 11st.

And our Star Wars Destiny Championship on Saturday Augist 18th.

Looking further ahead, we have our first Age of Sigmar Tournament of the new edition on Saturday 1st September, our next Warhammer 40000 tournament - Kirtonian Carnage II on Saturday 8th September and an Age of Sigmar Doubles event on Saturday 13th October, but they probably deserve their own post at a later time!

As ever sorry its a massive dump of dates! We hope you’ll might join us for at least one of them, and we’ll have more to announce very soon!