ExeBowl 4 - 14th October 2017 - Tickets available



Many of you will know already that the club will be hosting a NAF-approved Blood Bowl tournament, ExeBowl 4, on Saturday 14th October. Previously this has been successfully run and organised by Pete but I have taken over for this year. Previous ExeBowl’s were great and a lot of fun, so I am hoping we can put on just as good an event this year.

Tickets are available now at a cost of £13 if you are a NAF member or £18 if you are not (the higher price includes one years NAF membership) and will include lunch as part of the cost and a raffle ticket for a Blood Bowl-related prize. Please got to http://exebowl.co.uk/index.html for more details or feel free to ask a question.

Of course the event will only be able to go ahead if people sign up for it, so if you are planning to attend can you please purchase a ticket as soon as possible so I can be sure we have the numbers we need to make it viable.




We are up to 15 paid coaches so far, meaning we have just about reached the minimum number I was hoping for to make the tournament viable. Could do with a couple more sign-ups if anyone at the club is interested. I’m getting a steady trickle of people from outside the club signing up so I’m optimistic we will get close to the numbers we’ve had for previous tournaments.

After some trial and error, I’ve got the roster template working so it works as per the tournament rules. If you are coming, please use the attached to make your rosters as it checks the skills and build for you.

ExeBowl 4 Roster - Coach Name Here.xlsx (72.1 KB)


Just signed Sarah and me up


That’s great, thanks for that Santa. :grinning: We’re now up to 17 (and Dopey says he might be able to act as a spare in case of odd numbers) so we’re definitely starting to look healthier now.

For anyone who has signed up, the food choices are below. Please either PM me or email your choices to exebowl@gmail.com by Friday 6th October at the latest.

Food Choices: Please choose a baguette, salad bowl or pasty plus any 2 items from the other lists below.
Baguettes - Mixed cheese & spring onion, Mature cheddar, Devon ham, Chicken mayonnaise, Chicken & bacon, Tuna mayonnaise, BLT, BBQ chicken, Devon ham & mustard, Chicken salad (no mayo), Brie & red grape, Ham & cheese, Cheese & pickle, Bacon, Brie & cranberry, Piri-piri chicken, Sweet chilli chicken, Brie & cranberry, Coronation chicken, Bacon, Sausage, Bacon & Sausage
Pasties - Steak, Cheese & Onion
(when choosing a baguette, please include whether you want white or granary bread)
Crisps (Burts) - Sea salt, Thai sweet chilli, Vintage cheddar & onion, Seasalt & black peppercorn, Seasalt & malted vinegar, Devon roast beef, Spicy chorizo, Firecracker lobster
Chocolate - Mars, Kit-Kat, Mint Aero, Wispa, Crunchie
Sweets - Sweet Hearts, Foam Bananas, Jelly beans
Fruit - Apple, Banana, Orange


We’re now up to 24 coaches but still have space for more and a few days left to sign-up if anyone else is interested. :smiley:

As an added incentive, there will be various Blood Bowl and modelling goodies to give away on the day, thanks to the generous support of Element Games and Kirton Games, as well as the handiwork of our own @JamesG . There will also be a raffle prize which everyone has an equal chance of winning. :gift:

For anyone who has signed up already, a reminder that I need your meal choices by Friday so I can send off the order form to Refuel, and Rosters ideally by 10th October so I have time to check them through before the day.

EDIT: we’re now up to 28 coaches.:boom:


I’m due to arrive at 8am on the day for them to open up for us. I don’t expect any club members to arrive that early, but depending how I get on if anyone is able to help with set-up when they do arrive it would be appreciated.

The main thing that would be helpful is setting up tables. To make sure their is enough space to use the new larger boards, I plan to have 4 or 5 6’x4’ tables set up down the middle on the smaller rectangular tables, similar to how we would any other club night. The idea would be that 4 players would share each 6’x4’ table, which should have enough space for 2 larger pitches, 4 dugouts and cups of tea. The larger rectangular tables and the round tables can be used as they are as they are big enough to accommodate the new boards.

See you all on Saturday! :grinning: :football: :trophy:


Thanks very much to everyone who took part and helped support ExeBowl today, I think it went really well after a slightly difficult start.:grinning:

Congratulations to @DrDeath for winning the Roughest Roughneck award for highest placed club member.:trophy:

For those interested, attached are the final standings. I’ll try to get photos, etc uploaded to the facebook page later.

ExeBowl 4 Final Standings


Great job Jonathan! Looked like lots of fun was being had. A worthy instalment into the ExE-Bowl legacy!


Just to let you know I have now added the photos and winners to the club’s facebook page, follow the link if you want to check them out: https://www.facebook.com/RygasRoughnecks/


Hello gents, looking to finally getting into bb, I’m nearly 30 and need something to keep me busy :slight_smile:️ Any chance if I popped along sometime just to have a look? I’m familiar with the rules, been playing/streaming bb for years on the pc. I know rules are different ect but willing to grind and learn, I know this is an old post but couldn’t work out where to go :slight_smile:️ cheers in advance


Blood Bowl is played very often at the club- you’d be more than welcome to watch or even play a game! If you don’t have models, you’ll easily be able to borrow some off another player.

I would be worth you posting something up on the “Organise a game” section.