ExeBowl Four



Hi chaps.

I’ve made the decision that I’m not going to run ExeBowl this year. It’s too much for me to take on this year and on top of that I can’t keep up with all of the rule changes or even manage to get a game in.

Does anybody want to take it on? I’d be happy to share my experience in running it and will support anyone that wants the job.

Let me know. I’d love to see it carry on.



Probably can’t take the helm but happy to throw some of my time into it including helping out on the day.


I really want Exebowl to continue as well and would like to help out as much as I can, I just can’t see myself having much time to organise it until June/July. By then I will have finished my OU course and things will have gotten a lot quieter at work.

Will discuss this with other club members to see if there is the possibility to spread the workload around.

Any advice you can give us Pete would be greatly appreciated. I know you had plans for running it at a bigger venue in Kenton but I think if we were taking it on we’d probably continue at Whipton just to make life easier for ourselves.


Similarly to above, sorry to hear that @HairyPete is not able to run it. I’m not sure I could take the lead but would be very happy to help out as I can.


All the best Pete! I too am happy to help run ExE-Bowl. Sounds like a task force is coming together :slight_smile:


ExeBowl committee?


Thanks everyone. Sounds like we can keep it going at least. That is great news!

First thing is to pick a date and book the venue. It makes sense to keep it at Whipton. Looking at the calendar, I’d pick Saturday 14th October. If someone can do that, it’s a massive start.

To be honest at this stage that is the biggest thing along with a holding post on TFF in the UK tournament thread.

Rules and NAF sanctioning can be worked on after that. From then on it is things like keeping track of the money, responding to replies, booking food, buying prizes and any gifts etc. Running it on the day can be sorted out nearer the time.


…I’d be happy to produce any rules pack that we agree and maintain the website.


Suggest maybe setting up a private message thread on here or maybe a WhatsApp with interested parties. I’m also at Rygas on Wednesday if people are about then.


Just to add I’m happy to help too on Exebowl 4, it’s a great tournament and should definitely continue! Hope you get to play this time round Pete :wink:


I didn’t get around to asking about the room availability last week, but will make sure I do this week. Just thinking about the date again though, I notice the 21st October is also free and I think the previous ExeBowl’s were on the 3rd Saturday of the month (well at least the last two were). Should we aim for that day instead for consistency? Both dates are free of other NAF tournaments for now.


EurOpen/EuroBowl is the weekend of the 21st. The other tournament that was around a similar time was Vault Bowl; 2-dayer in Daventry.


Is there anything we should be doing for ExeBowl currently? Seems like it’s been a while.


Probably, I have been thinking recently we haven’t made any progress for a while and we need to make sure we don’t leave things too late. Stuff that needs to be organised includes:

Rules pack + NAF approval
Prizes (1st, 2nd, 3rd, spot prizes + certificates)
Free gift
Payment method (PayPal, but need to make sure payments are recorded properly so we know who’s coming)
Food orders and delivery (Refuel sandwich shop)
Promotion (thread on TFF already but could also use Facebook, Kirton/Clifton Games)
Room booking is in Whipton’s diary but will need paying for to make sure we don’t get bumped

Anything else?


OK, so following on from what we discussed at club last week, here is a second version of the team training idea I had a while back that would be a lot easier to implement:

Extra Training (v2)
Roll a D6 on the table below after rolling for attendance to see what extra benefits time spent on the training field have granted one of you players for this match:

  1. Kicking Skills: One player on your team gains one of the following skills for this match: Dirty Player, Kick, Kick-Off Return, Sneaky Git.
  2. Ball Handling Skills: One player on your team gains one of the following skills for this match: Accurate, Catch, Diving Catch, Dump-Off, Safe Throw, Sure Hands.
  3. Tackling Skills: One player on your team gains on of the following skills for this match: Diving Tackle, Grab, Tackle, Wrestle.
  4. Time on the Running Track: One player on your team gains on of the following skills for this match: Juggernaut, Sprint, Sure Feet.
  5. Evasion Techniques: One player on your team gains one of the following skills for this match: Break Tackle, Leap, Nerves of Steel, Side Step.
  6. Blocking Skills: One player on your team gains one of the following skills for this match: Dauntless, Fend, Mighty Blow, Multiple Block.
    Skills gained may be given to any player of your choice, except star players (even if its a skill they can only get on a ‘doubles’ roll), and last for the duration of this match only.

Thoughts and opinions welcome. I wanted to offer a range of options to cater to different teams/play styles but left out some of the obvious skills (Block, Dodge, Guard, Pass, Strip Ball) to avoid them being auto-picks. Could possibly leave out Sure Hands for the same reason. Also followed James’ suggestion to avoid some of the more obscure skills, like Pass Block and Shadowing. I don’t think there is much in the list above that people won’t be familiar with already, and the rarer ones like Juggernaut are quite straight forwards.

If we can’t agree on the above, the idea of granting a player a random mutation is also an option.


I like this. It’s straight forward and gives the coach some leeway with exact skill (so nobody should end up with a useless skill).

This is fine tuning really, but I’d lose Sure Hands and Catch and maybe try to have 4 options for each D6 result. So one more needed for “Time on the Running Track” maybe change it to “Circuit Training” and have Jump Up?


Also, if we were going for A4 Dugouts as a free gift (and to solve our space problem) I can get them printed on 2 mm foam plastic via my dad. I can get a sample printed.

Not sure how much they’d cost.

I think the original idea was to have a dugout on one side and the tourney rules on the other. Each coach has two (one to use as a dugout and one to use as a reference card). At home, they can use both the dugouts on the “dugout side”


I like Extra Training v2. Nice and simple, no negative skills. Plus by using existing skills form the rule book we don’t need much in the way of explanation. Gets my vote.

It would be great to know how much they cost, I think in principal its a great idea.

If coaches take them away and use them in other games its a great bit of advertising for the tournament and the club.

As an example, there is one you can buy from Comixininos. It doesn’t look A4 but its got everything on it:


A4 is 29.7x21cm and that Coximinininininonions one is 47x12cm. How realistic would it be to get a dugout onto 29.7x10.5cm? That way we could do two per A4 sheet and effectively halve the costs. Would also save precious space at the table.

Based on the Comixonionanalonion one we could lose the throw template, move kick off table to the reverse side and have the scatter, throw and weather tables within the reserve/KOd/injured boxes.


Thanks very much for the positive feedback. :slight_smile: I agree with the change to Circuit Training (old name wasn’t great) and adding Jump Up. With Ball Handling, there would be a nice symmetry if they all had 4 skills but I’m not beholden to it as that particular category covers a larger range of actions. Just slightly concerned that if both Catch AND Sure Hands were removed it would turn into a bit of a duff category for low AG running teams like Neco, Chaos or Nurgle, or stunties. If you think the remaining skills are still viable options though I will take them out.

Because I don’t have anything better to do, I had a stab at creating VERY basic dugouts to fit on half a side of A4, along with the reverse side, just to see how viable it is. See attached for details (PDF-ing them changed the formatting a bit). Main issue I can think of is that the Turn/Re-roll track is a bit small on my version (squares are 1.55cm) but the dugouts boxes can each fit 6 players just about.
A4 dugout reverse.pdf (198.9 KB)
A4 dugouts.pdf (273.1 KB)