ExeBowl Four



Nice one! Quick work.

You could always make the turn counter double width (instead of the score). You could also have the re-rolls and the score only going up to 4 each and have them end-to-end. Equally we could get some spinners to push through the boards like these:


Actually, thinking about it you could probably get some plastic clock hands and plastic rivets. Then you could have hours, minutes and seconds for score, re-rolls and turns on concentric radial dials.

This is going the way of my chess-clock idea isn’t it…


I reckon we could cook up something like this fairly easily: http://files.paladin91.webnode.cz/200000028-0520e061af/dugout.jpg


I like that dugout design, has a very Heroquest/Warhammer Quest feel to it.:slight_smile:

The idea of spinners is interesting, would make for a very unique-looking dugout. Main potential downside I can think of is them being knocked out of position by accident if they aren’t tight enough.

If we stick with the traditional track-style for counting re-rolls/turns, I definitely think these should go up to at least 6 each. Winning by more than 4 TD’s is rare in tournaments (though not unheard of), but if they are taking them away as a gift we want them to be usable for league games afterwards.

If the squares on the track are a bit small, we could also supply custom counters to go with them made from the same material as the boards.


Do we know how much we have to spend on the free gift per coach? … And will there be ~30 coaches?


I think Pete said that in the past he got the dice from Chessex.


Not sure if the costs on this page include the dice or just the logo printing, plus its all conveniently in US.


Good work keeping things ticking over. I like the Extra Training concept. It builds on last year and takes away the negatraits which feels better.

In terms of costs. The free gift (the dice) plus import taxes come to about £80 for 100, lunch is £4.50 per head (need to confirm that), the venue is £50. Then your other costs are prizes, trophies, spot prizes and the raffle prize plus snacks/tea/coffee/bin bags and other sundries for the day.

I’d like to see the raffle continuing as I like the thought that everybody has a chance to win something.

Obviously all of these costs are determined by what you want to spend and what you have available. I usually work on 30 coaches but last year we had more so I added more prizes.

I’ll dig out the rules pack from last year and stick it in Dropbox. It should be simple enough to update.

In terms of things to do: update rules pack, update website, swap over PayPal to whoever is managing money, track payments, update and reply on TFF, order prizes/gift, confirm Refuel and sort out menu, collate lunch choices, decide what you want to do about rosters/roster template, decide on the TV and skills pack (already done?).

My Wednesdays are going to be clearing soon so I hope to get down for a few games :smile:


Thanks very much for the input Pete, always helpful to hear of your experience from previous Exebowl’s. Also, glad you like our idea for this years rules pack. :smiley::thumbsup:

If you are able to send over last years rules pack I will have a go at tweaking it for this year. Your to-do list matches what I thought of so it seems we haven’t missed anything.

Would be good to see you at the club again. League is about to start the final round before the play-offs and I suspect people will be looking for more casual games of Blood Bowl, plus we have a few new players you probably won’t have met before. I will be running Exebowl on the day, do you think you are likely to be there as a player/observer?

@Dopey I checked to see how well the new larger pitch fits on the smaller tables and it takes up most of it, so if we are going to use custom dugouts they will have to be smaller than A4 size. Also, Lewis (LewDog on the forum) works for a printing company and may be able to help us out with printing/cutting once we have finalised a design.


I’ll certainly try and be there, although my attendance record has been poor this year for one reason or another.

Here’s the link to some of the documents for last year - https://www.dropbox.com/sh/mjk28dv6f87td7e/AAAz4Yr_PXA7-1F13RYS1by3a?dl=0

Happy to help with the website, changing docs etc.


Thanks very much for that Pete. I’ve started playing around with the rules pack but if I need help with anything I’ll let you know. Will need to tweak the roster template as we are planning to tier the skill selection this time based loosely on this year’s NAF championship.

Looking at the jobs to do and who might be able to do them:

Running the event on the day - Jonathan
TFF thread updates - Jonathan
Rules pack - Jonathan (with others to review)
Roster Template - Jonathan/Pete?
Website - Pete/Tom
Free Gift - Dopey
Catering (Refuel) - TBC
Payment for venue - Dave O
Ticket Payment - TBC (probably me)
Prizes - TBC
Wooden Spoon - James
Spot Prizes - Santa has some good ideas here
NAF Approval - James/Jonathan
Spare Player (in case of odd numbers) - TBC

Anybody thinks they can help with the above (even if I’ve already allocated it to someone else) please raise your hand! :raised_hand: Also, if you think you won’t be able to do something I have put your name by, please say so and we’ll see if someone can take over.:slight_smile:


Here is a first draft of a rules pack for ExeBowl 4. Formatting probably needs tweaking (e.g. adding in a couple of pictures to fill up some of the blank space) but more concerned about wording for now. It’s mainly cribbed from last year + NAF Championship with my own additions. Skills pack and tiers are NAF championship day 1 plus one additional normal skill as discussed previously.

ExeBowl - Tournament Pack 2017.pdf (639.7 KB)


Happy to help with site.


I’ve made some revisions to the rulespack to take into account the DZ2 recommendations from the NAF. Could people please take a look at the attached to check it all makes sense. I want to be sure that there won’t be any confusion between what rules we are using (CRP vs BB2016) before it goes to the NAF for approval and for those interested in the tournament to view.

ExeBowl - Tournament Pack 2017.pdf (642.4 KB)

Would ideally like to get it sent to the NAF within the next week if possible.


Hi Jonathan. Apart from DElves not getting as many bonuses (BOOOO!) it all looks good to me.
You could add a one liner about the humorous prizes I am donating (Golden Feather, Head in Hands) if you want without specifying exactly what they are for.


Thanks for the feedback. At least with this rulespack it is slightly more generous for Tier 1 teams than it was the last time we had tiers (in Exebowl 2 it was just three standard skills for Dark Elves!).

I will probably add a line somewhere about other prizes being available on the day, but leave the exact details a surprise.


Registration is now open for ExeBowl 4! If you are planning to take part it would be great if you could pay for your ticket so we can get some money in the account.:grinning:

Please send a PayPal payment (marked as a gift) to exebowl@gmail.com - £13 if you are a NAF member and £18 if you are not (membership included in tournament fee). Please include your NAF name and number if you have one when sending payment so I can verify you have sent the correct amount. If buying tickets for multiple coaches please include all their details where possible.


We’ve had our first ticket sold for ExeBowl 4, and to a non-club member to boot. Hopefully the first of many!:grinning:

Currently the event is advertised on the TFF, the NAF’s tournament list, the Rygas facebook page and of course the ExeBowl website. If anyone can think of somewhere else we can get the word out (I’ll see if I can get a poster put up at Kirton Games like I did last year, for example) then please let me know or, better still, go out and it yourself by directing people to the ExeBowl website!:slight_smile::thumbsup::speaking_head:


@JamesG set up the Pinterest board below which I have embedded in the About Us pages of the eXeBowl site. Chuck photos on that Pinterest board if you fancy.


We are now up to 7 sign-ups for ExeBowl, which is progress at least. Hopefully a more will sign up after payday. We’ve also officially been included in the South West Tournament Championship for next season, which may attract a few others. Tim at Kirton Games has agreed to provide prize support, just discussing with him what they can offer.

The main thing I came here to talk about though is that I have finally completed the roster template! :crossed_fingers::smile: All the new players should be added but I would appreciate if others could attempt to build a team or two with it to check it is working properly. There are one or two very minor issues (mainly concerning The Swift Twins and Brick Far’th & Grotty) that I had to find a work-around for but I think that’s just something I will have to be aware of. Assuming no bugs are reported it can be added to the ExeBowl website.

EDIT: noticed a mistake in the originally uploaded version so have attached a new one.

ExeBowl 4 Roster - Coach Name Here.xlsx (72.1 KB)