Fancy a game Age of sigmar @ kirton Monday 17th(if they open)


Was trying to arrange a game for Saturday but they’ve got some shadow wars thing going on(so had to change this post)but apparently Tim may open the shop 12-4 so if you would like a game or if you’re exeter based a lift too??gimmie a shout😃


I maybe available are you still going?


Ill go down anyway if they’re open but if you do want to come down or available we can set in stone a game?


Ok how many points. Can i get alift


I can run a list that i did the other day at 1280 or can go upto 1500 but whatever you feel is cool by me,just bear in mind im really new to the game lol,i got it down on the motions of the game but my tactics suck,just let me know what you want yo do and ill work a list around it,where abouts are you a lift will be fine?


1280 will be best if your still learning. Not played a game that wasn’t 1000 or 2000 i assume we use the restrictions for 2000. I live just down the road from the club. Whipton village road


Not sure what that means,unless you’re referring to the behemoth rule?as long as you don’t bring a terrorgheist along ill be happy lol,ill message them to find out if definitely gonna open,sweet im in whipton barton road too so thats awsome.


I mean does 1280 count as a warhost/battlehost with regards to how many battleline units ect


Got a list no terrorgheist but may have orruk warboss on wyvern


Nice ill have stormcast eternals…got no behemoth just units and a couple of heroes 1260/1280points,ill message kirton now see what they say.


Yes mate its on they open at 12 so ill come pick you up about 11:15,might need £3 to play but waiting on conformation on that(didn’t have to last time),just need your address or telephone no. And arrange to pick you up😃