Female model needed for Blood Bowl conversion*


Hi dudes,

I’m looking for a GW female model for a Blood Bowl conversion and was wondering if anybody had any recommendations?

It would need to be “heroic scale” I suppose to be at the same scale as the new BB range.

Basically looking to add some spare human BB armour to this model.

I’d ideally want a GDub model in case I end up at one of the Warhammer World tournies. There seems to only be a handful of female GDub models…



.* I’m sure a “giggity” is needed somewhere here…


This made me chuckle


Dark Eldar Wyches might be a good place to start? Pretty acrobatic looking lasses…


Have you looked at the Sisters of Silence models? They are technically wearing power armour but you might be able to do something with them.

Might help if we knew what race you were after. I’m assuming Human but could would an elf do? You might need to look outside GW models to find what you are looking for (Raging Heroes, Malifaux, Guildball are all possibilities).


Thanks guys! Yes human… judging by the base sizes I probably need the Sisters of Silence as they are on 32mm bases. I assume the Dark Eldar Wyches would be too small (although they’d covert to a great looking BB team at the smaller scale!)


What mini are you trying to make?


Now that would be telling! :wink:

… Human Female BB player. Probably to use as either Zara or Kara

Current leaning towards Sisters of Silence


Pretty happy with how this conversion panned out :slight_smile: … thought I’d best take a couple of pics before I ruin it with a mediocre paint job…